The Seer (GoBots)

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"The Seer"
Challenge of the GoBots episode
Cy-Kill puts Shaun in the brain stormer
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 43
Written by Eric Lewald
Original air date November 6th, 1985
Guest actors

Ken Campbell as Van Guard

Episode chronology
← Previous
"The GoBot Who Cried Renegade"
Next →
"Whiz Kid"

The Seer is an episode of the animated television series Challenge of the GoBots, which was broadcast on November 6th, 1985 in the United States. It was written by Eric Lewald.[1]


Cy-Kill and his minions Block Head, Cop-Tur, Crasher and Puncher kidnap a young blind psychic named Shaun Roberts and his mother from Unecom with the help of the human traitor Major Benedict. Cy-Kill uses the brain stormer to read the boy's mind. Shaun and his mother are rescued by Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo and Van Guard. An overload by the brain stormer robs the boy of his psychic powers and he is returned home safely.


  1. "The Seer". Written by Eric Lewald. Challenge of the GoBots. First-run syndication. November 6th, 1985. No. 43, season 1.

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