Dee Mani-Mitchell

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Dee Mani
Born Dee Mani-Mitchell
July 4th
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Occupation Author
Cannabis Expert
Organization My Way

Dee Mani (born July 4th) is a survivor of triple-negative breast cancer, deemed the most aggressive type of cancer. She is also a self-published author of a book called My Way, which became an Amazon bestseller within a few months due to the amount of press attention her story created.

Early Life and Education

Dee was born Dee Mani on July 4th in Birmingham, United Kingdom. .


Dee trained in pharmaceuticals for 5 years after college, she left the pharmaceutical industry after she understood the corruption ongoing. In 2017, she developed Triple Negative Breast Cancer Grade 3, her oncologist recommended a year’s worth of chemotherapy, detailing that she had about one year left to live. But she refused Conventional Medicine (Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy) due to the death of her sister which had taken place several years before. Dee started searching for natural ways to heal and found that many other people were healing with cannabis oil. She decided on this illegal course of action. She took the oil every night. Dee managed to heal within a short five months, using a range of supplements, diet changes, and the illegal full extract of cannabis oil. She decided to share her experience to help to inspire other cancer patients and their families, her book shared her healing journey. The book’s success led her to create a private cancer support group to help other patients and their families. She also co-authored 2 other Amazon best-belling books Perfect Health and Life After Birth Trauma. She currently mentors patients worldwide and is also a columnist for two medical marijuana publications Weed World Magazine and Dank Dollz Magazine, and confesses that she writes with the aim to create a better understanding of our health, our world, and our place in it. She shares healing stories from various patients that she has helped heal from a range of diseases. She went on to launch her range of CBD oils - called My Way CBD. The reason was to help people access good quality affordable oils, unlike many others she found on the market. “My job now is to educate people, teaching them how they can be healthy and prevent any disease, not just cancer,” she told The Portugal News.[1] My Way CBD stock a large range of CBD oils, including infusions of Frankincense, Myrrh, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Pine Needle, and Oregano oil. She has been interviewed by many publications and podcasters worldwide and nominated for the Best Wellness Influencer Award by Cannavist in 2021. She is recognized internationally as a Natural Health Advocate and a Cannabis Expert as she is on a mission to educate the world on Natural Health and Disease Prevention. [2] She is also the founder of My Way University, an institution offering quality cannabis education about the benefits of medical cannabis.[3]

Personal Life

Dee married Ryan Mitchell in 2018, she has 2 biological children Tyler Mani and Layla Mani, and a stepson, Dylan Mitchell. After leaving the U.K. in 2002, she has since lived in The Canary Islands, Greece, Ireland, and Cape Verde. She is currently divorced and residing in Portugal with her children.