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Transformers character
Beast Machines Striker toy
Name Striker
Series Beast Machines Transformers
Transformers: Universe
First appearance Transformers: The Wreckers issue #1, "Departure" by 3H Enterprises
Alternate modes Stegosaurus
Function Ground Combat Specialist
Gender Male
Motto "When I get you in my clutches, you're gonna need crutches!"
Rank 7.5
Sub-group Dinobots, Deluxe beasts

Striker is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Dinobot ground combat specialist who turns into a Stegosaurus. He is given the name Dinobot Striker for trademark reasons. He should not be confused with the similarly named characters Strika or Shadow Striker.

Beast Machines

Striker is a fictional character and member of the Beast Machines Dinobots.


Fictional biography

Striker is a frontline one-robot wrecking crew, incredibly loyal to the Maximal cause. His hide is constructed of specially treated poly-alloy armor, and plates across his back serve as secondary energy receptors. His tail makes the most useful weapon; it can cause seismic variations in the gravitational field by slamming it to the ground, sending Vehicons crashing to the surface at break-neck speed. Tail also contains unique grappling rocket, which penetrates all Vehicon armor.


The Dinobots in "Departure" by 3H Enterprises

In "Departure" by 3H Enterprises the Wreckers, Mutants and Dinobots arrive on Cybertron and are sent on missions by the Oracle. [1]

After arriving on Arkus in "Betrayal" the planet the Dinobots are attacked by the Dweller and his energon zombie horde.[2]

In the script for issue 3 of "Renewal" T-Wrecks mentions how Striker disappeared during the fight with the Dweller.

Striker was later seen as a one of the Cybertronians controlled by Unicron, having been adducted through a teleport beam during the fight.

At Botcon 2003, a voice actor play was written by Simon Furman, set in the Transformers: Universe comic between issues 1 and 2. War Within Grimlock, Armada Megatron and Universe Optimus Primal are each transported to the Unicron world, where they eventually team up and fight Striker and Reptilion. Note, there is a small continuity error in that this story ends with Grimlock, Megatron and Primal standing over Reptilion, but issue 2 of the comic starts with them standing over Striker.

He was later freed from Unicron's control by Optimus Primal and joined his Autobots in escaping to Cybertron.

Once on Cybertron, Striker assisted Ratchet in trying to remove the Unicron virus from Sideswipe.


  • Beast Machines Deluxe Striker (2000)
A recolor of Beast Wars Neo Saberback. The Striker toy was part of the Dinobots faction of Beast Machines which featured no new molds but did release some molds previously unseen in America.
  • Universe Deluxe Dinobot Striker (2003)
He was later recolored for Transformers: Universe as "Dinobot Striker".


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