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Swelter is a Decepticon-aligned Mini-Con with fire-based elemental powers.


Aligned Continuity

Swelter and his companion Glacius were torpedo Mini-Cons imprisoned aboard the prison ship Alchemor who, like many others, escaped when the ship was brought down by Megatronus and crashed on Earth. They ended up teaming up with Razorpaw, a Decepticon who employed the pair to hunt down Cybertronians so that he could harvest their Energon. Swelter resented being forced to do all the dirty work, while his more pragmatic partner Glacius encouraged him to be grateful for what they had.

The pair eventually faced a unit of Autobots led by Optimus Prime, where they engaged Slipstream and Jetstorm before reporting back to Razorpaw. Working together, they managed to capture Sideswipe and Drift before targeting a weakened Windblade and Optimus. However, their infighting was played upon by Optimus, who feigned greater weakness than he actually felt and then defeated the trio of Decepticons when they came after him with their guard down. Defeated, the trio were reimprisoned and presumably taken back to Cybertron aboard the repaired Alchemor.