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This article is about the planet; you may be looking for the Autobots or Maximals, factions known as the Cybertrons in Japan.

Cybertron is the home planet of the Transformers and a prominent setting in many versions of the franchise. It is typically depicted as being a great distance from Earth, as well as a good deal larger.


Generation 1

Animated series

In The Transformers, Cybertron was colonized millions of years ago by the Quintessons, a monstrous alien race who proceeded to construct its robotic inhabitants. Their creations included domestic and military hardware lines of robots, as well as the massive Guardians that served to enforce their will. However, their smaller creations eventually developed sentience and rebelled against them, with the rebel leader A3 disabling the Guardians with one of his devices. The Quintessons were thus driven off Cybertron, and their former slaves built a new society for themselves. Unfortunately, the alliance between the two differing robot lines didn't last, as the military hardware robots soon set out to assert dominance over the planet.

There followed a series of Great Wars between the two breeds of robots, with each side scrambling to develop new technology. The domestic hardware line, who became known as the Autobots, eventually discovered the art of transformation, but were quickly emulated by their foes, the Decepticons. The Decepticons then developed the power of flight, and soon created the robot who would become their most infamous and feared leader: Megatron. However, early in his campaign to dominate the planet and control its energy resources, Megatron struck down a young robot named Orion Pax. Helped by the time-traveling Aerialbots, this robot would be rebuilt by the wise A3-now known as Alpha Trion-into Megatron's noble nemesis: Optimus Prime.

Over the course of several million years, the war would take its toll on Cybertron, leaving the planet scarred and depleted of its once bountiful resources. As such, many of the Autobots departed the planet aboard the Ark, only to be pursued by the Decepticons in their warship, the Nemesis. Cybertron was left virtually uninhabited, with only the Decepticon regent Shockwave, a handful of other Decepticons, and a number of Autobot rebels-most notably a group of female Autobots led by Elita One and advised by Alpha Trion-remained on the planet. This would remain unchanged until millions of years later, when Shockwave succeeded in contacting Megatron after the Decepticon leader was reawakened on Earth. Cybertron would subsequently be visited intermittently by the Decepticons and Autobots based on Earth as their conflict continued to escalate, with Cybertron even being relocated to Earth's solar system briefly on at least one occasion.

Eventually the Decepticons all apparently took up residence on Cybertron, which once again became a bustling city-planet which the Autobots were preparing to retake. Seeking to prevent this, Megatron deployed his forces in a sneak attack on Autobot City on Earth, resulting in a battle that saw many Autobots killed. However, Optimus Prime soon arrived and turned the tide against Megatron's forces, but was mortally wounded himself while Megatron was badly crippled. The conflict then saw the advent of Unicron, who turned the fallen Decepticons into his new minions but then attempted to destroy Cybertron after they turned against him. Fortunately, Optimus' successor Rodimus Prime defeated Unicron using the Matrix of Leadership, and Cybertron-which the Decepticons had fled during Unicron's attack-was reclaimed by the Autobots.

Sadly, Cybertron's peace did not last long, as both the Decepticons and the long-evicted Quintessons sought to reclaim the planet for themselves. However, the Autobots managed to thwart every scheme directed at this endeavor, and even welcomed new inhabitants from the destroyed world of Paradron. Eventually the Decepticons launched their ultimate gambit, a conflict that soon involved the inhabitants of Nebulos and the Headmasters and Targetmasters. However, the Autobots and their human and Nebulan allies managed to turn the situation to their benefit, revitalizing Cybertron to a new Golden Age and launching most of the Decepticons into deep space.

Beast Wars and Beast Machines

In the sequel lines of Beast Wars and Beast Machines, Cybertron is inhabited by the surviving Autobots and Decepticons as well as their successors, the Maximals and the Predacons.


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