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Windblade is a female Autobot and the first ever fan-created Transformers character, having been created as the result of a poll.


Generation 1

IDW Publishing

Windblade was introduced as a Transformer from the planet Caminus, where female Transformers naturally came into existence.

Animated series

Windblade is featured prominently in Transformers: Combiner Wars, where her history is similar to that of her IDW incarnation. Having once been the City Speaker of Caminus, she watched her world be devastated by the Combiner Wars after her former ruler, the Mistress of Flame, departed to join Cybertron's Council of Worlds. She and her friend Maxima would later attack Menasor after he and Computron crash-landed on Caminus and the Decepticon Combiner left Computron dead or dying. The two female flyers engaged Menasor in a ferocious battle, only for Maxima to be fatally wounded, which prompted Windblade to strike down Menasor. Before perishing himself, the Decepticon Combiner warned her that the Council possessed the Enigma of Combination and intended to create an army of Combiners, something that Windblade couldn't bring herself to believe.

After mourning Maxima and picking up her friend's discarded rifle, Windblade crushed Computron's Autobot insignia before departing through Caminus' Space Bridge towards Cybertron. After observing the council members-the Mistress, Starscream, and Rodimus Prime-discussing the possible use of the Enigma, Windblade attempted to destroy it only to be stopped by Optimus Prime. She soon engaged the exiled Prime in a duel, only to find herself unable to land a blow on Optimus and eventually left bereft of Maxima's rifle and her own sword. Optimus attempted to convince her to return to Caminus, but was persuaded to help her after she revealed her intentions not to assassinate the council members but rather the Enigma. Doubting that the artifact could be destroyed, Optimus determined that only one being could help and and Windblade in the attempt to do so.

That being turned out to be Megatron, whom Windblade was unimpressed by, though he quickly managed to get under her skin with his approval of her violent behavior and attitude; however, they managed to convince him to join their cause after informing him that Starscream possessed the Enigma. Windblade then set out with her unlikely companions, enjoying Megatron's ribbing of Optimus; unbeknownst to her, the Constructicons had overheard their conversation with Megatron. The trio traveled back to Cybertron and confronted the Council, with Windblade condemning the Mistress for leaving Caminus to the destruction the Combiners had wrought. As she and her companions were forced to engage the Council's defense systems, a mysterious voice spoke, pleading with her not to let what was taking place happen; the trio then destroyed the defense cannons just as Devastator appeared and attacked the council. Windblade and her teammates attack him in a bid to prevent him from obtaining the Enigma, which they then set their sights on after Victorion arrived and engaged the Decepticon Combiner.

Unfortunately, it was then revealed that Windblade and all the others had played into Starscream's hands; he had orchestrated everything in order to cause the Combiners to converge in one place so he could use the Enigma's powers. Windblade had been a key part of it, and she watched with Optimus and Megatron as a new Combiner was born with Starscream at its core and the power of Computron, Devastator, Menasor, and Victorion fueling it. Unfortunately, Starscream went mad with the sheer power he had attempted to control and began unleashing devastating attacks on Cybertron, undoubtedly reminding Windblade of the damage wrought upon Caminus. After saving Optimus and Megatron from one such attack, she confronted the insane Starscream alone, only to be cut down by an energy blast and left unconscious as he moved in on her and her allies.

Aligned Continuity

Animated series

In Robots in Disguise, Windblade was chosen by Primus long ages ago to be sent to Earth in anticipation of the threat of Megatronus and the prisoners of the Alchemor. Granted the power of flight and advanced sensor capabilities, she was sent to Earth and placed in stasis, where she was eventually awakened after the Alchemor crashed. Establishing a series of Cybertronian technology caches around the planet, she hunted various Decepticons across the planet, eventually meeting up with Bumblebee's team after encountering Sideswipe during a battle with a cat-like Decepticon. After assisting them in battle with Zizza, Windblade departed to continue her hunt for Decepticons, but returned just prior to Megatronus' appearance on Earth. Though briefly imprisoned by Steeljaw's Pack, she soon joined the battle against Megatronus and then joined Bumblebee's team.

Some time later, Windblade was assigned to a team with Sideswipe, Drift, Jetstorm, and Slipstream under the leadership of Optimus Prime. The group would soon face off with the villainous Polarclaw, but defeated him thanks to Optimus' leadership. However, due to Optimus being weakened as a result of returning power he had borrowed from the Thirteen Primes for battling Megatronus, Windblade became concerned for him to the point of recklessness. This would cause her trouble during a battle with the Decepticon Razorpaw and his Mini-Cons Swelter and Glacius. Some time later, the group would be forced to deal with Stockade and his Major Mayhem Mini-Cons, after which they rejoined the rest of the team.

The full team would soon be joined by Ratchet and Undertone, and embark on a mission to neutralize a massive colony known as Decepticon Island. Unfortunately, the sheer number of Decepticons and infighting between Optimus and Bumblebee led to Windblade's capture, though she was soon rescued by Drift, Ratchet, and their Mini-Con partners. After Decepticon Island was neutralized by the Autobots' stasis bomb, Windblade chose to return to Cybertron along with Optimus, Ratchet, and the Mini-Con crew of the Alchemor.


  • Deluxe Windblade (2014)
Transforms into a jet fighter with VTOL engines built into her wings; was later remolded into Slipstream and Airazor.
  • Combiner Hunters Deluxe Windblade (2015)
A recolor of the original figure released as part of a three-pack; the design was also modified and used for non-toy characters Maxima and Stiletto.
  • Titan Force Windblade (2016)
Yet another Windblade repaint released in a three-pack with Sentinel Prime and Brainstorm.


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