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Underbite is a Decepticon from the Transformers franchise, specifically Robots in Disguise.


Animated series

Underbite is the first escaped prisoner of the Alchemor encountered by the Autobot team under Bumblebee, having been imprisoned for devouring Nuon City. A Chompazoid, Underbite has a canine-like robot mode with massive jaws that allow him to eat metal, which serves him as fuel, and transforms into a large wheeled vehicle. He soon engaged the Autobots and fellow escapee Grimlock, the latter expressing particular anticipation in fighting the villain. Unfortunately, Underbite soon set his sights on Crown City, forcing the Autobots and Dinobot to work together against him, though it is only with the aid of Optimus Prime that he is eventually reimprisoned in a Stasis pod. He is later freed after Steeljaw dispatches Minitron to control Grimlock and free the Decepticons recaptured by Bumblebee's team, though the insectoid Decepticon only succeeds in recovering Underbite.

Underbite would later battle Grimlock again when Bumblebee's team clashed with Steeljaw's Pack when both were in pursuit of the Decepticon Clamp Down, and was briefly captured only to escape due to Steeljaw's cunning. He and his teammates were subsequently called upon by Megatronus to aid him in making his way to Earth, leading to another battle with Bumblebee's team. Underbite and all the pack members except Steeljaw were then captured and placed back in stasis; Underbite was left there when Steeljaw freed Thunderhoof and Clamp Down among others, and presumably taken back to Cybertron aboard the Alchemor.