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Triceradon is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series. The first is a Dinobot who turns into a triceratops who was introduced in 2000 as part of the Beast Machines toy line.

Beast Machines

Transformers character
Beast Machines Triceradon toy
Name Triceradon
Series Beast Machines
Transformers: Dinobots
Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Technorganic Triceratops
Function Frontline Combat
Motto "It's better to have stood your ground and lost than never to have stood at all."
Rank 9
Sub-group Deluxe Beasts, Dinobots

Triceradon is a fictional Dinobot character first seen in the Beast Machines toy line. Hasbro registered the name Triceradon for US Trademark in October of 2003. [1]

Fictional biography

Though not incredibly bright, Triceradon was chosen to be second-in-command based on his amiable nature and incredible strength in battle. As an iron-hided triceratops, Triceradon's horns generate reverse electro fields that render enemies paralyzed. Stores two reactonix grenades in his tail.


3H Enterprises

The Dinobots in "Departure" by 3H Enterprises

In "Departure" the Wreckers, Mutants and Dinobots arrive on Cybertron and are sent on missions by the Oracle. [2]

After arriving on Arkus in "Betrayal" the planet the Dinobots are attacked by the Dweller and his energon zombie horde.[3]

In "Disclosure" the surviving Dinobots Terranotron, T-Wrecks, Triceradon and Dinotron join Devcon, who is hunting Cryotek.[4]

According to the script for the unreleased issue #4 of Transformers: Universe - The Wreckers Devcon and the Dinobots returned to Cybertron where they helped repel the an invasion by the Quintessons.

Universe Triceradon appeared in the Transformers: Universe comics among the various captives of Unicron who made their escape.

Fun Publications

The story of the Dinobots continued in Wreckers: Finale Part II by Fun Publications. Arriving on Cybertron during a Quintesson invasion the Dinobots take the eastern flank of the defense, driving the Quintessons back, which is reported to Cheetor by Skydive. During the invasion Snarl, Skywarp, Tap-Out and Triceratron vanished, taken captive by Unicron's transport beam.


  • Beast Machines Deluxe Triceradon (2000)
The Triceradon toy was part of the Dinobots faction of Beast Machines, which featured no new molds but did release molds previously unseen in America. He was a recolor of Beast Wars Neo Guiledart. Guiledart (along with other Predacons from Beast Wars Neo) had a trap mode; his was to make it seem he was damaged and dead. [5]
  • Universe Deluxe Dinobot Triceradon (2004)
Released as "Dinobot Triceradon" in America during 2004, Triceradon was no longer an exclusive and thus widely available. [6]


Transformers character
Dinobots Triceradon and Slappper in box
Created by

Species Transformer


Alternate mode



Transformers: Dinobots

Deluxe beasts, Dinobots

Triceradon is a member of the Dinobots team.


According to Fun Publications Ask Vector Prime the Dinobots hail from a Robots in Disguise continuity (Viron 403.0 Beta), where they are enemies of the Destructicons, Dreadwing and Smokejumper.


  • Dinobots Deluxe Triceradon and Slapper (2003)
A 2-pack of Dinobots. Triceradon and Slapper are recolors of Beast Wars Neo Guiledart and Bazooka.[7]


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