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Terranotron is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series. The first is a Maximal Dinobot from the Beast Machines toy line who turns into a red transmetal Pteranodon.

Beast Machines

Transformers character
Terranotron toy
Name Terranotron
Series Beast Machines
First appearance Transformers: The Wreckers #1 by 3H Enterprises
Alternate modes Transmetal pteranodon/jet
Function Aerial Combat Specialist
Motto "The future of Cybertron resides in the skies."
Rank 8
Sub-group Deluxe Beasts, Dinobots

Terranotron is a fictional Dinobot character. He is depicted as standing about 10 feet tall in robot mode.

Fictional biography

Terranotron thinks very highly of himself, but he backs up his boasts when he's in battle. Loves it when the odds are against him. Takes on multiple squadrons of jet drones by himself, then follows it by plasma-bombing divisions of tank drones on the ground. Exterior Alloy coating makes him invisible to enemy detection. Convinced that aerial strategy is the key to defeating the Vehicons, and argues the point constantly with ground-based Maximals. The friction fades when they enter battle, though - he may be a hotshot, but he's always a team fighter in combat.


3H Enterprises

The Dinobots in "Departure" by 3H Enterprises

In "Departure" the Wreckers, Mutants and Dinobots arrive on Cybertron and are sent on missions by the Oracle. [1]

After arriving on Arkus in "Betrayal" the planet the Dinobots are attacked by the Dweller and his energon zombie horde.[2]

In "Disclosure" the surviving Dinobots Terranotron, T-Wrecks, Triceradon and Dinotron join Devcon, who is hunting Cryotek.[3]

According to the script for the unreleased issue #4 Devcon and the Dinobots returned to Cybertron where they help repel an invasion by the Quintessons.

Fun Publications

The story of the Dinobots continues in Wreckers: Finale Part II by Fun Publications. Arriving on Cybertron during a Quintesson invasion the Dinobots take the eastern flank of the defense, driving the Quintessons back, which is reported to Cheetor by Skydive. During the battle T-Wrecks finds the fact that the other Dinobots are keeping score of their kills a bit tacky. During the battle Terranotron steals a Sharkticon laser rifle, which he uses against the Sharkticon hordes.


  • Beast Machines Deluxe Terranotron (2001)
A redeco of Beast Wars Transmetal Terrorsaur.


Early releases of Dinobots Swoop were named Terranotron, seemingly until Hasbro was able to trademark Swoop.


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