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Toolbox is an Autobot-aligned Mini-Con featured in the Transformers: Robots in Disguise animated series in the Aligned Continuity. He is identical in appearance to Fixit and is voiced by the same actor.


Animated series

One of the many identical Mini-Con caretakers and guards aboard the prison ship Alchemor, Toolbox and his comrades were enslaved when Megatronus caused their ship to crash and the Decepticon inmates escaped and overthrew them. Fitted with inhibitor collars that prevented them from transforming or employing their weapons, Toolbox and his companions were put to work repairing the Alchemor so that the Decepticons-led by Glowstrike, Saberhorn, and Scorponok-could leave Earth and begin raiding across the galaxy. After Scorponok was replaced by the treacherous Steeljaw, Toolbox overheard him speaking about the Autobots led by Bumblebee and escaped to Denny Clay's scrapyard outside of Crown City. After informing the Autobots of the Decepticons' plans, Toolbox led them back to the Alchemor, where they implemented a plan to subdue all the Decepticons. Despite heavy opposition, their plan succeeded, and Toolbox and the other Mini-Cons-minus Fixit-soon departed aboard the repaired Alchemor for Cybertron.