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Saberhorn is a Decepticon introduced in the Aligned Continuity of the Transformers franchise.


Aligned Continuity

Animated series

A Decepticon who turns into a rhinoceros beetle and a master swordsman, Saberhorn was a former inmate of the Alchemor who escaped after it crashed due to the actions of Megatronus. He, Scorponok, and Glowstrike formed a leading trio over the inhabitants of their portion of the Alchemor, which they named "Decepticon Island." They set about in an effort to repair the vessel in order to leave Earth, but were hampered by difficulty in obtaining the needed materials. During a mission to secure some desired metal, Saberhorn ended up crossing blades-literally and figuratively-with Bumblebee, whose skills prompted Saberhorn to dub him a worthy opponent. Despite Strongarm and Grimlock's initial bumbling, they and Bumblebee were able to defeat Saberhorn, who returned to Decepticon Island empty-handed.

Shortly thereafter, the group welcomed Steeljaw into their midst, and were soon rewarded as he recruited a number of Decepticons previously captured by Bumblebee's team. Saberhorn praised Steeljaw's efforts, particular after Scorponok "betrayed" the group; in reality Steeljaw had set him up in order to replace him. Steeljaw soon seized total power after acquiring a pair of Decepticon Hunters stored aboard the island, with Saberhorn and Glowstrike foolishly thinking he would share them. Forced to submit to their new "leader," the pair would attempt to reclaim power using a Decepticon Hunter lost by Bumblebee only to be defeated by Steeljaw. They and the rest of the islanders were then presumably caught in the radius of a stasis gas bomb placed by Bumblebee's team, and prepared for transport back to Cybertron.