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Transformers character
Beast Wars Razorbeast toy
Name Razorbeast
Series Beast Wars
Alternate modes Razorback
Function Infantry
Gender Male
Rank 5.6
Sub-group Basic Beast

Razorbeast is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers series that appeared in the Beast Wars: The Gathering.

Beast Wars

He is a Maximal and takes the beast form of a razorback boar.[1]

IDW Publishing

Razorbeast appeared in the BotCon 2016 story Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus, where he serves in Autobot Unit-2 under Tigatron.[2]

Razorbeast appeared as a major character in IDW Publishing's Beast Wars: The Gathering series as a Maximal agent sent undercover as a Predacon working for Magmatron. He was dispatched unofficially by Lio Convoy to keep an eye of Magmatron's activities. He discovered Magamatron's plan to go back to prehistoric Earth and create an army from the Axalon's protoforms too late, but was taken along anyway as Magmatron's technical support. Razorbeast couldn't stop the awakening of Magmatron's army - but what he did do was modify the shell program so that some of the protoforms came out as Maximals. Razorbeast then fled, meeting up with some of the other Maximals. Despite doubts about his loyalty from B'Boom and a one-on-one duel with Magmatron's Gigantosaurus mode, Razorbeast's team managed to infiltrate the Ark, hoping to cannabilize enough parts to create a Transwarp signal booster to notify the Maximals on Cybertron.

However, Magmatron's plans then began to accelerate. He captured Megatron as his original mission required, hoping to appease the Tripredacus Council in Cybertron. Realizing that if Magmatron got back to Cybertron nothing would be able to stop him Razorbeast and Optimus Minor headed out to confront him personally, hoping to sabotage his time-travel equipment. However, once there they got an added distraction - Grimlock. As the ancient Dinobot and Magmatron battled, Razorbeast got a hold of Magmatron's chronal phase armband. Razorbeast then goaded Magmatron into attacking him, with the Predacon leader's attacks simply passing through him. Razorbeast then blasted the time-travel equipment, displacing Magmatron to parts unknown. After this, realizing their signal might not have been heard on Cybertron, Razorbeast and his team settled in for the long haul on Earth.

The follow-up series, The Ascending would reveal that Razorbeast and the other Maximals had been stranded on Earth after the failure of the signal, battling Ravage's Predacons.[3] Taking charge, Razorbeast was nonetheless surprised by a full-scale attack by the Predacons. He then battled and defeated Ravage, who was attempting to steal Razorbeast's chronal armband. The team was then joined by Lio Convoy's Pack. Ravage then attempted to broker a truce between the two sides against their common enemy, Unicron - but Razorbeast was infected by Angolmois energy and turned into a hate filled berserker. Rampaging and attacking his own forces, Razorbeast was eventually stopped when Lio Convoy managed to reach what was left of his mind. When Drancron and Elephorca arrived to complete their annihilation, Razorbeast attackerd them to buy the others time to escape. Armordillo, B'Boom, Bantor, Buzzclaw, Cybershark, Lazorbeak, Manterror, Optimus Minor, Powerpinch, Ramulus, Razorbeast, Retrax, Claw Jaw, Sky Shadow, Spittor, Stinkbomb and Terragator, all wounded in the previous battle and left behind, assisted Razorbeast in defeating the Blendtrons. Although Razorbeast survived the battle he was infected with Rartorarta's maddening sting and had to be put down by Optimus Minor to stop him from attacking his allies.

Razorbeast had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing. [4]

Other media

Razorbeast appeared as a toy Will Smith played with on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, refering to Razorbeast by name and even doing voices for the toys.[5] [6]


  • Kenner Beast Wars Transformers Basic Razorbeast (1996)
Razorbeast was recolored into Beast Wars Neo's Randy.


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