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Unit-2 is a name applying to an organization and an individual within the Beast Wars Transformers storyline.


Fun Publications

In Dawn of Future's Past, Unit-2 is the callsign of the Maximal Tigatron as he pursues the Predacons led by Megatron.

IDW Publishing

In Dawn of the Predacus, Tigatron-here a member of the Primal Council-is leader of the Autobot military group Unit-2, presumably a nod to his Dawn of Future's Past identity; however, as Dawn of the Predacus is set prior Dawn of Future's Past, in-universe it could be presumed that Tigatron's call sign is taken from the name of his old unit. Unit-2 is responsible for engaging the Decepticons under Megatron, including Predaking, prior to Tigatron's departing to help form Magnaboss, Predacus' attack on Predaking, and the transformation of much of Cybertron's populace into Protoforms.