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Optimus Primal is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series. They are associated with the Beast Wars and Beast Machines lines.

Beast Wars

Optimus Primal
Transformers character
Beast Wars Ultra Optimus Primal in box
Created by

Japanese name

Beast Convoy
Species Transformer


Autobot, Maximal
Alternate mode


"Peace is the absence of conflict and the presence of justice." (Timelines)

Beast Wars Transformers
Beast Machines Transformers
Transformers: Universe
Transformers: Timelines

Ultra beasts
Tech specs

ST10 IN10 SP10 EN10

RN10 CO10 FB10 SK10


The Optimal Optimus toy was chosen as a hot toy for young African American boys in Ebony Magazine from November 1998.[1]

Transmetal Optimus Primal was voted the 11th strangest Transformers Beast Wars figure by Topless Robot in July 2009.[2]

Optimus Primal/Optimal Optimus was named 2nd best and the worst upgrade in Beast Wars history Topless Robot in November 2011.[3]

Fictional biography

Beast Wars Ultra: Move over King Kong, Optimus Primal is ready to rock! The heroic leader has biogenetically re-engineered his body structure into a gargantuan robotic gorilla! Cybernetically fused musculature has enhanced strength to super-powered levels. Shoulder-mounted, mega-blast missile cannons launch devastating attacks upon foolish Predacon invaders. When they force him to fight, they force him to win!
Timelines: A veteran of the last Great War that resulted in the defeat of the Predacon forces, Optimus Primal embodies many of the Maximal philosophical ideals. He is a heroic figure whose ability for self sacrifice knows no bounds. While he understands that war and conflict are sad realities of his existence, he has made it a point to study the historical and scientific records of past generations. He believes it is the balance that his idol, the original Optimus Primal, maintained throughout his long service. While Optimus Primal has a vast understanding of standard battle protocols, he sometimes utilizes unconventional, yet creative tactics to succeed in his missions. In vehicle mode, his boosters allow the ability to move at speeds of up to 350 mph for short bursts. While in robot mode, the boosters can become forward deployed missile launchers capable of locking onto two targets independently. The boosters can also be used for flight in robot mode. While always battle ready, he believes his current mission of exploration aboard the Axalon is symbolic of the Maximal goals of peace and harmony in the galaxy.
Universe: After his ultimate sacrifice to defeat Megatron, in which he became part of the core of Cybertron itself, Optimus Primal rose to the level of a mythic legend among the grateful populace of Cybertron. Now as the battle against the ancient monster planet known as Unicron has begun once again, Primus himself has called Optimus Primal to be brought back into action to help in the fight for the very survival of Cybertron. Optimus Primal represents a uniquely powerful fusion of the Maximal Forces' advanced technology with the raw power of their mighty Autobot ancestors. In this supercharged form Optimus Primal possesses unmatched strength among the techno-organic populace of Cybertron. His weaponry has also been upgraded significantly: He wields an impressive array of both long range and melee weapons including twin battle blades that can cut through solid rock, a vanadium steel reinforced mace, left arm retractable double barreled plasma cannon, and twin indepently targetable shoulder mounted missile launchers. Rear mounted jets give him flight capability. Energy receptors allow him to absorb much of the damage from energy-based attacks and rechannel it back at his enemies. Intelligence, experience, passion and skill are all crucial parts of what makes Optimus Primal a born leader of the Autobot cause. Serves as an inspiration to help others find their own strength to keep fighting despite the odds.
Beast Wars 10th Anniversary: Captain of the Maximal research vessel Axalon, Optimus Primal was forced into the role of warrior in the Beast Wars. He rose up to become one of the greatest heroes in the history of Cybertron. His fate is tied in some fundamental way to that of the mad arch-villain Megatron. Optimus Primal knows this, and understands that it is he and he alone who must pursue Megatron across time and space in order to put a stop - once and for all - to his evil plans.

Animated series

As commander of the Axalon, Optimus Primal led his crew in embarking on an exploration voyage that doubled as a means of transporting the violent criminal Protoform X off-planet to be exiled in some remote location. However, when the Predacon renegade Megatron stole the Golden Disk and fled in the stolen ship Darkside, Optimus directed his vessel to pursue the criminal. Their transwarp journey eventually landed them on a seemingly unknown planet, where the two ships crashed after sustaining immense damage. The Axalon was also forced to release its cargo of stasis pods, containing Protoform X and much of the ship's crew, into space where they fell into orbit around the planet. Due to the high level of Energon radiation on the planet, both crews were forced to adopt alternate forms based on local lifeforms, with Optimus taking the form of a gorilla.

The two forces soon met in conflict, with Optimus having to deal with the impetuousness of young crewmate Cheetor and the insubordinate attitude of Rattrap. The unlikely crew was also joined by Dinobot, a member of Megatron's Predacons who had been betrayed by his leader and sought revenge, initially through attempting to eliminate Optimus and take his place as leader. However, the group of five-the final member being science officer Rhinox-eventually managed to come together to stop Megatron and his remaining minions from seizing a huge Energon crystal. Stranded on the planet and still forced to contend with Megatron, Primal dedicated himself and his crew to fighting the would-be tyrant, and dubbed this new conflict "Beast Wars!"

Optimus would continue to deal with both the Predacons and the conflicting personalities of his own crewmates, particularly the often disrespectful Rattrap and the oil-thirsty Dinobot, who often clashed with each other more often than the enemy. The Maximals would also be forced to contend with a mysterious side to the world on which they fought, such as an alien arrangement of standing stones and a probe that briefly drew Optimus into its interior. New combatants also entered the Beast Wars as stasis pods fell to the planet-though the Maximals recovered the first and were joined by the nature-loving Tigatron, the Predacons retrieved a second and reprogrammed the protoform within to become Blackarachnia. Sadly, they also suffered losses in their attempts to return home, as when Megatron prevented them from contacting a Maximal probe that arrived searching for the missing ships. A second attempt to depart the planet using the Darkside's space-drive parts to repair the Axalon ended in both ships being permanently grounded after the Predacons' seeming demise was revealed to be a ruse.

The Maximals were eventually joined by a new recruit named Airazor, prior to encountering another sign of alien presence: a massive floating island that was eventually destroyed in battle against the Predacons, though not before sending off a message to parts unknown. The Predacons were then able to reprogram another fallen stasis pod to create Inferno, and then employed a scheme to turn the Maximals' beast modes against them; fortunately this plan was thwarted thanks to Tigatron. The conflict was then briefly joined by the Decepticon Starscream, whose Spark possessed the body of the Predacon Waspinator and seized the Axalon before being driven out by an Energon explosion. A much greater threat soon arrived in the form of the Vok, the alien race behind the Energon and strange structures they had encountered on on the planet, who soon set out to "sterilize" the planet. Optimus managed to take advantage of a scheme of Blackarachnia and Tarantulas' to save the planet, only to find himself unable to escape the explosion that destroyed the Vok weapon.

Optimus' sacrifice resulted in a quantum surge that washed over the planet and mutated several of the combatants and the now fallen stasis pods on the planet's surface, and the changes to the planet unveiled its true identity as prehistoric Earth. Megatron soon recruited two new minions, Silverbolt and Quickstrike, and the leaderless Maximals were left on the ropes. Fortunately, Rhinox was able to take advantage of a transwarp rift created by the explosion to contact the Matrix, and left a trail that enabled Optimus' Spark to return and enter a blank protoform recovered by the Maximals. Reborn as a Transmetal, Optimus won the day for his crew, who were joined by Silverbolt after he realized the nobility of the Maximals and the evil of the Predacons. Sadly, in a moment of weakness Dinobot would soon briefly rejoin his former leader, though Optimus welcomed him back after the Predacon realized the error of his ways.

The Maximals would soon suffer a heavy loss, as Tigatron and Airazor-who had departed the group after Optimus' sacrifice in order to survey the reshaped planet-were captured and transported into space by the Vok. The Maximals had little time to mourn, as Megatron then seized control of a Vok weapon with the intent of taking it back to Cybertron; Optimus and his crew were fortunately able to thwart him with the unlikely aid of Tarantulas. Sadly, they would then be forced to deal with the return of Protoform X, who was eventually forced into the Predacon camp by Megatron's cunning, and the loss of Dinobot, who sacrificed himself to prevent Megatron and the Predacons from wiping out a tribe of primitive humanoids. Meanwhile, the quantum surge's path through time led it closer and closer to the future, with the Maximals hopeful that it would alert their comrades on Cybertron to their position in time and space. However, it instead brought an unlikely ally, Ravage, who captured Megatron with the Maximals' aid only to side with him in an attempt to destroy them.

Much to Optimus' horror, Ravage's demise led Megatron to unveil his endgame: he had discovered the crashed Ark, and after accessing it with help from Blackarachnia fatally wounded Optimus Prime. Fortunately, Blackarachnia turned against her former comrades and helped the Maximals to save the Autobot leader, with Optimus taking Prime's Spark into his body to keep it alive during the process of repairing the legendary hero. This caused Optimus' body to mutate into a massive new form with four different modes, and he and his crew-including Blackarachnia-then set up a new base to protect the Ark after the Predacons destroyed the Axalon. A new combatant soon arrived in the form of Depth Charge, who initially despised Primal for losing Rampage but eventually came around to joining the the crew. Optimus would also be forced to deal with Megatron's Transmetal 2 technology, which resulted in the creation of a new, evil Dinobot and the mutation of Cheetor.

Beast Wars Second

In the Beast Wars Second movie Beast Wars Second: Lio Convoy's Close Call!, Optimus Primal-here called Beast Convoy-is summoned to the planet Gaia to aid Lio Convoy in battle with Majin Zarak. Equipped with a Matrix, he and Lio Convoy power up and then combine their strength to defeat the monstrous Transformer. "Ask Vector Prime" subsequently revealed that this was due to Primal's history being modified when he was brought into the Beast Wars Second reality. [4]

Beast Machines

Optimus and his surviving crewmates eventually journeyed back to Cybertron with a captured Megatron, only for him to escape during transit and arrive back on the planet before them. Using a horde of drones known as Vehicons and a transformation freezing virus, Megatron took over the planet and then ambushed the Maximals upon their arrival. Optimus, Blackarachnia, Cheetor, and Rattrap managed to escape, though in poor condition and with their memories damaged, and soon discovered the Oracle, which reformatted them into new techno-organic bodies. After rediscovering the ancient technique of transformation, the heroes soon learned that their old nemesis was ruling over Cybertron. After enjoying some success in battling against him and his mindless legions, they were forced to contend with a trio of generals he created: Tankor, Thrust, and Jetstorm.

Over time Optimus became convinced that the Maximals' purpose was to transform Cybertron into a purely organic world, particularly after discovering previously unknown organic matter and plant-life in the world's underbelly along with a new ally, Nightscream. He and his teammates also learned the true identities of Megatron's minions: Tankor was Rhinox, Thrust was Waspinator, and Jetstorm was Silverbolt. Sadly, these discoveries brought additional trouble, as Blackarachnia became determined to rescue Silverbolt while Rhinox became a villainous amalgam of his old Maximal self and the Vehicon Megatron had reprogrammed him into. Using the Key to Vector Sigma, both he and Megatron set out to purge Cybertron of all organic life-including the Maximals-while Optimus unleashed the power of the Plasma Energy Chamber in a hopes of wiping out all technology that wasn't part of a techno-organic being. The resulting released of energies killed both Optimus and Rhinox, but Optimus was given the opportunity to return and fufill the Oracle's true mission: creating a Cybertron that blended the best parts of both organic and technological life.

Megatron soon reemerged via a new fortress, the Grand Mal, though he was briefly stuck in a techno-organic form that he dubbed Noble/Savage. The Maximals eventually regained Silverbolt, though the once noble warrior had become embittered and vengeful due to his experience as Jetstorm. Megatron then unleashed a new pair of generals, Obsidian and Strika, while the Maximals added returning explorer Botanica to their ranks. Optimus eventually learned that Megatron was keeping all the captured Cybertronian Sparks captive aboard his fortress, though in the process Megatron gained knowledge of the Oracle's power. A final battle eventually resulted in which Megatron adopted a new form based on Optimal Optimus' old body, but ended when the two foes fell into Cybertron's core, reformatting the planet into a techno-organic paradise.

3H Enterprises

Optimus was also featured in the BotCon storyline "Transformers: Reaching the Omega Point," first appearing in the script "Visitations." Here he arrived in the midst of a battle in which the Maximals Onyx Primal, Packrat, Silverbolt, and Rattrap were attacked by Antagony, who then set her sights on the arriving Megatron and Waspinator. Optimal Optimus managed to subdue her with his guns, only to be stunned by Megatron when he inadvertently revealed that he was out of ammunition. In a later text story, "Beast Wars: Reborn," Optimus and Megatron were revived in replicas of their original Beast Wars bodies, though lacking some of their memories. The pair were then pitted against each other by Logos Prime, who sought to determine which of them was worthy of inheriting his Zeonomicon.

Optimus would also appear in the short-lived Transformers: Universe comic series, in which he was revived by Primus to answer the threat of Unicron and his minions from across the multiverse. After teaming with versions of Grimlock and Armada Megatron to rescue a number of Cybertronians, he appealed to the Maximal High Council only to have his warnings about Unicron rejected. Alpha Trion's pupil Snarl later freed Optimus from Maximal custody, and he was brought before the Cybertronian Elder and Vector Sigma. Given his choice of two Cybertronian warriors to aid him in the coming battle, he chose to have Rhinox and Depth Charge revived; the former proved grateful, but the latter resented being revived from the Matrix. Having anticipated just such a development, Alpha Trion introduced another ally as Depth Charge departed: the mighty Omega Prime.

However, Optimus feared that the connection between his and Megatron's Sparks would allow his foe to return as well; the line was cancelled before this could come to past, but it was revealed that Megatron would have returned in a new body based on that of his Robots in Disguise counterpart and formed an alliance with Optimus against the greater threat of Unicron.

Fun Publications

Despite the cancellation of Universe, Optimus Primal's story line in the conflict would be continued in Transformers: Timelines, where Omega Prime was later sent to the Unicron Trilogy universe. Here, he revealed that Optimus continued to fight Unicron's forces across reality, undergoing reformatting and receiving a Matrix of Purificiation to protect himself and his comrades from Unicron's corrupting influence. Eventually Unicron disappeared due to the effects of the Unicron singularity, thus ending the conflict.

Primal and his crew later appeared in Transformers: Dawn of Future's Past, which showed them in pre-Beast Wars forms during the launch of the Axalon and subsequent pursuit of Megatron's ship.

Despite not having a role in the Robots in Disguise animated series, a toy called "Air Attack Optimus Primal" was released with the toy line and referred to as a "spirit guide." The full story of this character was later revealed in "Ask Vector Prime": he was a duplicate of Primal created when the actions of Ravage in the Transformers: Binaltech storyline affected the timestream, leaving a version of the Autobot shuttle stranded with Optimus, Silverbolt, Rattrap, Rhinox, and Megatron still aboard. When the error in the timeline was repaired by the Alternity, it left the duplicated Maximals and their foe without a timeline to call their own, and Megatron quickly invaded the Robots in Disguise universe and allied himself with Cryotek. In order to address this threat, the Alternity recruited Primal and his crew and dispatched them to the Robots in Disguise universe. Primal would go through several form changes in the ensuing Spark War before finally facing off in an aerial battle in his "Air Attack" form with Megatron's final form, "Megahead Megatron."

Primal's struggles would not end there, as-aided by Mirage GT-he traveled back in time in pursuit of Cryotek, who sought to eliminate all Sparks and replace them with artificial intelligence programs. Primal soon made contact with the Alternity and demanded to be sent back in time after seeing the results of Cryotek's evil, and was granted his request in exchange for becoming one of the Alternity's Protectors. Fearing a paradox, the Alternity altered Primal so that, unless directly engaged in battle with Cryotek, he would remain incorporeal and thus able to assist only as a guide in Optimus Prime's battles with Galvatron, who had allied with Cryotek and been upgraded into Megatron Megabolt in order to take control of Fortress Maximus. After a long conflict the heroes succeeded, and Primal then took on active duty as a Protector, tracking the evil Hytherion before helping persuade Primacron to abandon his plans to destroy entire universes.

Having been left bereft of a physical form by this latest conflict, Primal traveled to the Binaltech world through Dinobot Island and inhabited the body of Nemesis Prime, and used his new powers over chronal energy to split the timeline and heal the damage caused by Ravage's actions, insuring the rise of the Alternity. During the final clash of the Binaltech War, his Spark entered Optimus Prime's body, granting him the body needed to defeat Nemesis Prime; Prime would note that this joining felt familiar, a nod to the time Prime's Spark had spent in Primal's body during the Beast Wars. Primal was subsequently granted a new body with a color scheme based on his Beast Wars form, only to find himself and Earth's solar system trapped within a Quadrant Lock established by the Quintessons that was eventually broken with 900,000 years having passed in their outside universe while only a few months went by for them. He was then recruited by Vector Prime to help bring about the creation of the Alternity II-also known as the "Flaternity"-by finding the necessary technology and then fighting off the Megatherion and it's minions long enough for the Alternity to ascend. [5]

IDW Publishing

The crew of the Axalon in Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus

Optimus Primal appeared the IDW Publishing BotCon 2016 story Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus. In this story Optimus Primal commanded the Axalon at the end of the Great War. The Axalon was sent to do orbital scans of Cybertron. The Axalon crew discovered a hidden installation on Unicron's head just as a Transmatter wave was launched at Cybertron. The shields of the Axalon partly deflected the wave, so only some on Cybertron's population was affected.[6]


In the Transformers: United toyline, Optimus Primal was involved in the battle against Unicron, but he and his forces proved no match for the monstrous being fused with the Ark. However, their vessel Axalon was then granted its own Spark and became a mighty warrior who joined the battle.


In the comic released with the E-Hobby Convobat figure, the character is portrayed as a clone of Optimus Prime intended to serve as an assassin by Straxus, who provided the Headmaster Convobat with a Transtector. However, Convobat's noble heritage rang true and prevented him from becoming Straxus' ruthless killer, and he and fellow experiment Megalligator attempted to escape and reach a contact of Megalligator's on the outside. Straxus intercepted them, stunning Convobat and badly damaging Megalligator's Transtector, which he was forced to abandon after unleashing a blast of power that disabled Straxus. Unfortunately, Megalligator then betrayed Convobat, leaving him damaged as Megalligator departed in the company of Soundwave.


Optimus Primal appears as a character in the 1999 video game Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals.

Optimus Primal appears as a playable character in the fighting games Transformers Battle Universe, a Net Jet game.


  • Beast Wars Basic Optimus Primal (1996)
The very first Optimus Primal toy was a bat, packaged alongside an alligator version of Megatron. The pack-in comic book, however, indicated that this Primal and Megatron were in fact new incarnations of the original Optimus Prime and Megatron - before the Beast Wars animated series began and established its fiction. The figure was later redecorated in traditional Prime red-and-blue colours for a Japanese-exclusive release as "Convobat."
It was later repainted yet again, this time black and gray and named Onyx Primal. The original toy is occasionally (although incorrectly) referred to by this name to differentiate it from the later gorilla Optimus Primal.[7]
Although not seen in the animated series in this form, the early commercials for Beast Wars featured computer generated fight scenes between this Optimus Primal and the alligator version of Megatron.
In a Toys "R" Us Christmas magazine, this figure is called Optimal Primus.
  • Beast Wars Ultra Optimus Primal (1996)
Primal's original gorilla body, loaded with hidden weapons and special gimmicks. The toy features a set of spring-loaded cannons which flip up over its shoulders and fire rockets, spares of which can be stored in compartments behind the head, or loaded into the second double-barreled launcher, which flips out of the left forearm. The other forearms contains a compartment with a flail weapon, and features other melee weapons in the form of two curved swords, which store in its back. There is a switch on the figures back which activates the movement of his arms - depending on the position of a sliding switches on either arm, Primal can either beat his chest gorilla-style, or spin his forearms for combat with his weaponry. The figure was the largest individual Maximal toy released in the pre-transmetal era. Because the animators made changes to the model, it was not totally accurate to the animated series - in addition to a "battle mask" and the lack of his mouth-slit (leaving him with a face looking much more like the original Optimus Prime), the toy was much larger compared to the other Beast Wars figures than Primal was in the show. This toy was sold under the name Optimus Primal Black Jack in Europe.[8]
A transparent "Clear Convoy" redeco of this figure was released in Japan in 1997, a light blue version was released as a Lucky Draw in 1998, and a flaming red-and-orange redeco was released as part of Beast Wars II in 1998 to represent his "Burning Convoy" form from the animated film.
  • Beast Wars Micro Optimus Primal (1997)
A small, non-transforming Optimus Primal toy that came with the Orcanoch Micro playset. This toy looked like a tiny version of Ultra Optimus Primal in robot mode.
  • Beast Wars Transmetal Optimus Primal (1997)
Primal's new transmetal form, released in the "Mega" size class, reducing him in height from his earlier "Ultra" size, bringing him closer in scale to his fellow Maximals as seen in the animated series. Transmetal Primal wields two maces, which can fire from his hand-held missile launcher or store on his backpack. The animated series also featured an alternate transformation for the backpack, where the maces became cannons; it is possible to configure the toy into this form. The toy still transforms into a gorilla, and features a "transport mode" in the form of a hover-board that deploys from Primal's legs. This toy was sold as Optimus Primal Metal Gorilla in Europe.[9]
Transmetal Primal was later redecoed into the BotCon 1998 exclusive toy, Apelinq; two Lucky Draw versions appeared in Japan with metallic silver and gold coloring in place of the blue of the main figure.
  • Beast Wars Optimal Optimus (1998)
The only "Super" size-class Beast Wars figure, Optimal Optimus can transform from robot to transmetal gorilla, with the addition of land-vehicle and aircraft configurations. He features blast shields that can mount on his shoulders, or lock into his forearms, from which they can be "blasted" off with spring-loaded action, and is armed with a twin missile-launcher that lights up with the trigger mechanism is pulled back. This toy is often mistakenly believed to be part of the "Transmetal II" line, but the box states it is a "Transmetal" and was depicted that way in the TV Show.
Optimal Optimus was later remolded and re-colored into Primal Prime, a character created from the battlesuit briefly used by the Predacons to control Primal's body. For this version of the toy, the electronic lights were reworked to be activated by the press of a button, rather than a pull of the launcher.
  • Beast Machines Deluxe Optimus Primal (1999)
Due to the rush involved in the production of the Beast Machines animated series, the design used for Optimus Primal's animated avatar was based on an earlier concept for the toy, which underwent extensive revision further down the line. Consequently, this deluxe-sized Primal figure bears little resemblance to his animated counterpart, save in the design of the head. It becomes a gorilla through an unorthodox method of transformation and is armed with an energy-shuriken, which can store in Primal's hip, or be launched from the hand of his spring-loaded arm.
This figure was based on drawings by Hasbro designer Tim Bradley.[10]
  • Beast Machines McDonalds Optimus Primal (2000)
Given away with Happy Meals in 2000 was a small, simple, and only slightly more show accurate Optimus Primal toy.
  • Beast Machines Blast Punch Optimus Primal (2001)
Despite the new qualifier added to his name, this toy of Optimus Primal continues to represent his one-and-only Beast Machines body, and is sculpted to much better resemble his animated self, although the coloration skews towards an abundance of orange. By cranking his forearm cover to charge the mechanism and pressing his spark crystal to release it, Primal's fist shoots forward in a "blast punch" action, also launching a spring-loaded missile. When Beast Machines was released in Japan as Beast Wars Returns in 2004, this was the figure they chose to release as the one and only Optimus Primal toy.
  • Universe Ultra Optimus Primal (2003)
A brown, green, burgundy and yellow recolor of Primal's original Beast Wars toy, representing his new body after his rebirth in the Transformers: Universe comics. Although the same size as the Beast Wars coloration of this mold, he was depicted as much larger in the comics, standing eye-to-eye with Depth Charge and Razorclaw, and slightly shorter than Alpha Trion (who may have been upgraded as a Maximal and therefore smaller than his original form, which stood as tall as Optimus Prime). Unlike all previous versions of Optimus Primal, this was sold as an Autobot, not a Maximal.
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Optimus Primal.
  • Robot Masters Deluxe Beast Convoy (2004)
A newly designed toy based on Primal's original gorilla body, this "Beast Convoy" figure features over-the-shoulder rocket launchers, two wrist cannons, and a pair of swords. It was later recolored into the "Burning Beast Convoy" color scheme, and again into a black color scheme, as "Black Beast Convoy," representing a virus-infected body, exclusive to Hobby Japan.
  • Beast Wars Deluxe 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal (2006)
Representing Primal's new body after he is upgraded to rid himself of Unicron's taint, this toy was released as part of a series of figures commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Beast Wars line. Although the other figures in the series were simple recolorings of earlier figures designed to be more accurate to the cartoon, Primal and Megatron received entirely new sculpts with Jungle Planet Cyber Key gimmicks. Primal, specifically, comes with a hoverboard that transforms into a cannon when the key is inserted, and also comes with a small model of the Axalon. In the comics this toy is depicted as being as large as Universe Optimus Primal, despite only being a Deluxe sized figure.[11]
This figure was quickly recolored in brown and cream and released in the Transformers: Cybertron toyline itself, presented as a new, Jungle Planet body for that universe's Optimus Prime. Oddly, this repaint was in the colors of Universe Optimus Primal. In 2014, this mold was also used for the character of Ape-Linq in the Pirates vs. Knights Botcon storyline, as well as the Botcon 2014 Customization Class figure, Primal Prime.
This figure was based on drawings by Hasbro designer Tim Bradley.[10]
  • Beast Wars Ultra 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal (2006)
Japan's take on the tenth anniversary of the Beast Wars franchise saw them remold and recolor the original Primal and Megatron toys in a two pack with more show-accurate appearances after demands from the fans. Primal received a new head mold removing his "mutant face" and adding his mouth slit, and several other modifications to his paint applications. This version was released with a similar version of Megatron in a two-pack as a Toys R Us exclusive. Note that the two-pack version of Optimus is not the same as the one sold alone. The two-pack version is a slightly repainted version of the original Ultra Optimus Primal released in 1996. The same applies to Megatron in the two-pack.
  • Titanium 6 inch Optimal Optimus (2006)
A six-inch die-cast version of Optimal Optimus, this Triple Changer is able to transform from robot mode to land vehicle mode and jet mode, but strangely lacking in his transmetal gorilla mode. Some fans have likened this toy to Optimal Megatron, the form Megatron took in the Beast Machines finale, which was Optimal Optimus without the gorilla mode and with Megatron’s face.[12]
  • Timelines Dawn of Futures Past (2006)
a 5-pack. Optimus Primal is a remold and recolor of Cybertron Crumplezone, representing Primal in his Cybertronian body before acquiring his gorilla mode. The figure transforms into a three-wheeled racing car, and, with the insertion of his "Golden Disk holder" key (a recolored Cyber Key) into its port, its deploys two massive missile-firing cannons over his shoulders. This contradicts Transformers: The Ultimate Guide by Simon Furman, which notes that his original alternate was that of a Cybertronian Monster Truck.
According to a post at the Transformers Collectors Club private message board this toy was originally supposed to be based on the Deluxe Cybertron Landmine toy, like Rhinox, but with a remolded head. When they found out from Hasbro they could use the Crumplezone mold, Fun Publications switched Optimus Primal to that mold instead.
  • Year of the Monkey Optimus Primal (2016)
A recolor of Air Attack Optimus Primal in a color scheme inspired by Primal Prime.
  • Masterpiece Optimus Primal
A figure celebrating the 20th anniversary of Beast Wars, designed to conform as closely to Optimus Primal's organic gorilla appearance as possible.
  • E-Hobby Convo-Bat (2016)
Another 20th Anniversary celebration figure, this time from E-Hobby; a redeco of Titans Return Mindwipe based mainly on the original Convobat figure but also incorporating elements from Optimus Primal's various forms, such as a recolor of Apeface's Titan Master vehicle in homage to Optimal Optimus. The set also comes with two Titan Masters: Sentinel Prime's Infinitus redone as the main head while Skullcruncher's has been redone in an homage to Alligator Megatron. [13]

Shattered Glass

Optimus Primal
Transformers character
Universe Ultra Optimus Primal in box
Created by

Species Transformer


Alternate mode


Transformers: Universe

Ultra beasts

The evil Optimus Primal leads the Maximals of the Axalon. His troops include Airazor, Cheetor, Rattrap and Rhinox.


One toy considered for production by the Transformers Collectors Club was a recolor of Pretender Optimus Prime as Shattered Glass Optimus Primal and Onyx Primal.


  • Hasbro Transformers: Universe Ultra Optimus Primal (2003)
A brown, green, burgundy and yellow recolor of Primal's original Beast Wars toy, representing his new body after his rebirth in the Transformers: Universe comics. Although the same size as the Beast Wars coloration of this mold, he was depicted as much larger in the comics, standing eye-to-eye with Depth Charge and Razorclaw, and slightly shorter than Alpha Trion (who may have been upgraded as a Maximal and therefore smaller than his original form, which stood as tall as Optimus Prime). Unlike all previous versions of Optimus Primal, this was sold as an Autobot, not a Maximal.
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Optimus Primal.


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