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The Great War is a conflict in several iterations of the Transformers storyline.


Generation 1

Animated series

Also known as the Cybertronian Wars, the Great War erupted millions of years ago after the Quintessons were expelled from Cybertron by their robotic creations. The two robot lines they had produced eventually became the Autobots and Decepticons, the latter seeking to dominate Cybertron and its energy resources while the latter sought peace. The conflict led to many innovations, the technology of transformation among them, and eventually saw the creation of the two most legendary champions either side would have: Megatron and Optimus Prime. Sadly, the conflict saw the destruction or depletion of much of Cybertron's natural energy, leaving the planet a wartorn hulk of its former self. As such, the Autobots departed the planet aboard the Ark, only to be pursued by the Decepticons in their Nemesis.

The war saw a lengthy halt when both ships crash-landed on Earth, with Autobots and Decepticons alike left in stasis aboard the Ark until they were awakened by a volcanic eruption millions of years later. It wasn't long before their age-old conflict was resumed, but with the addition of a new party: the human race.

Eventually, following the attack of Unicron, Rodimus Prime declared the Great War over, but it soon resumed with the Quintessons becoming involved as well in occasional alliance with the Decepticons under Galvatron. The Autobots were also joined by various groups who had fled Cybertron during the course of the wars.

Marvel Comics

Dreamwave Comics

IDW Publishing

Robots in Disguise

Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

As in the Generation 1 continuity, the Autobots and Decepticons went to war over Cybertron, but additional groups were involved: the Mini-Cons and Omnicons. Both these groups would later flee Cybertron-the latter under the banner of Rodimus-while the Autobots and Decepticons continued their conflict.



Animated series

For unknown reasons, the Autobots and Decepticons went to war, with the Autobots following Ultra Magnus while the Decepticons were led by Megatron. The war went poorly for the Autobots for some time, due to the Decepticons' superior combat capability, but the Autobots eventually managed to triumph by keeping the AllSpark away from their foes, utilizing Spacebridge technology, and creating the Omega Sentinels, particularly Omega Supreme. The Decepticons were thus driven to the far edges of the galaxy, and for a time were even thought by some to be extinct. However, Megatron and others continued to survive, seeking the AllSpark and a means of turning the tables on their Autobot enemies.

Megatron eventually zeroed in on the AllSpark after it inadvertently ended up in the possession of Optimus Prime and his crew. However, Megatron's attack on their ship was thwarted by Starscream's sabotage and the efforts of the Autobots, who traveled to Earth and crash-landed while Megatron likewise ended up on the planet in a dismembered, inactive state. Decades later, the Autobots would be awakened, and Starscream would arrive on Earth in search of the AllSpark only to be thwarted by Prime's crew. Shortly thereafter Megatron was revived, albeit still lacking a form, and set about efforts to enable his return to power. Additional Decepticons would arrive on the planet as time went by, and Megatron was eventually restored, though prevented from seizing the AllSpark permanently by Optimus Prime's act of shattering it.

Robbed of that advantage, Megatron turned his attention towards developing his own Spacebridge in order to invade Cybertron and use the technology to reclaim the planet. Contacting his various minions-including Shockwave-Megatron ordered them to begin attacking the outskirts of the galaxy, drawing the Elite Guard away from the planet in preparation to bring the other Decepticons there in their absence. However, the Autobots eventually discovered his plans and attempted to stop him, with Starscream also attacking with a force of clones while Ratchet revived Omega Supreme. Megatron, Omega, and Starscream's head ended up lost in space, briefly returning to Earth only to be sent randomly teleporting around the galaxy by the Autobots.

Eventually Megatron gained a measure of control over Omega Supreme and welcomed Shockwave into his immediate company, launching a scheme to create Decepticon clones of the Autobot giant. He succeeded and unleashed them upon Earth, but was engaged by the Autobots with Optimus wielding the Magnus Hammer. Starscream was also revealed to have rigged the Omega clones with explosives, forcing Prowl to sacrifice himself to stop them. Megatron was then defeated and taken back to Cybertron in chains marking at least a temporary end to the conflict.

Aligned Continuity