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Vehicle Voltron is one of several Voltron mecha featured in the franchise of the same name, originally adapted from the anime Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, in which it bears the name of the titular mecha. It differs from the better known and more popular Lion Voltron in that its components are all, as its name implies, vehicles, and that there are fifteen of them divided into teams of five that unite to form larger vehicles as well as Vehicle Voltron itself.




Air Team

  • Jeff-pilot of the Command Jet Explorer #1 and leader of both the Air Team and Vehicle Voltron.
  • Chip-pilot of the Advanced Recon Helicopter #4.
  • Ginger-pilot of the Falcon Jet Fighter #5.
  • Rocky-pilot of the Strato Weapons Module #2.
  • Wolo-pilot of the Advanced Recon Helicopter #3.

Land Team

  • Cliff-leader of the Land Team and pilot of the Jet Radar Station #11.
  • Cinda-pilot of the Rotating Personnel Carrier #12.
  • Hutch-pilot of the All-Terrain Space Vehicle #15.
  • Marvin-pilot of the All-Terrain Space Vehicle #14.
  • Modok-pilot of the Armored Equipment Carrier #13.

Sea Team

  • Krik-leader of the Sea Team and pilot of the Communications Module #6.
  • Lisa-pilot of the Space Prober #7.
  • Shannon-pilot of the Multi-Wheeled Explorer #9.
  • Tangor-pilot of the Space Prober #8.
  • Zandee-pilot of the Multi-Wheeled Explorer #10.