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Lion Voltron is the original-and most popular-incarnation of Voltron, consisting of five robotic lions in different colors: black, red, blue, yellow, and green. Its most common formation involves the Black Lion forming the torso and head of Voltron while the other lions serve as limbs, in similar fashion to many of the Combiners of the Transformers franchise. However, the Voltron Force series modified the concept so that the Black Lion could become a limb and any of the other lions could become the torso, which granted the mecha different abilities.


Defender of the Universe

The Third Dimension

Voltron Force

Legendary Defender

In the reboot series Voltron: Legendary Defender, Lion Voltron is depicted as having been created by Princess Allura as the most powerful weapon in the galaxy and piloted by five heroic paladins. However, 10,000 years before the start of the series the black Paladin, Zarkon, betrays his allies and leads his Galra Empire in a savage attack on the planet Altea. In order to keep him from obtaining Voltron and becoming unstoppable, King Alfor had Allura and Corran placed in stasis and the lions scattered across the universe. While Zarkon failed to obtain Voltron, his forces-including the evil witch Haggar-were able to go on to conquer much of the known universe unopposed, with Zarkon remaining young due to his periodic absorption of Quintessence. The Galra continued to search for the components of Voltron, and eventually obtained the Red Lion while locating the Blue Lion on Earth.

Before the Galra could reach Earth, a human prisoner they had taken, Takashi Shirogane (better known as Shiro]]) managed to escape and return to his home planet, where he was rescued from military forces by Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk. The unlikely team managed to locate the Blue Lion, which Lance proved able to pilot, and the group were then transported to the planet Arus after escaping a Galra ship. There they found the Castle of Lions and were able to awaken Allura and Corran, who had remained in stasis for the entire 10,000 years. With Allura's instruction the group set out and managed to recover the Green Lion-which Pidge became the pilot of-and the Yellow Lion-which was piloted by Hunk-before locating the Red Lion on the command ship of Commander Sendak as it made its way towards Arus. After a daring mission the group managed to rescue the Red Lion for Keith's use, allowing them to unlock the Black Lion's chamber in the castle; they were then able to form Voltron and defeat Sendak's ship.