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Poorly explained edit

Someone using the ID User:Imissdisco excised this article's photo, and about half the article, with the edit summary "Photo removed. Incorrect and conflated info revised".

Over on the WMF commons, and, someone using User:Imissdisco claimed to be the real life Dan Trotta. They were unwilling, however, to confirm their real life identity through the WMF's OTRS system.

They seem to have told administrator that the version of this article was a personal attack. That seems like nonsense to me. I honestly believe the material they excised is consistent with what the references said.

wikialpha has no secure confidential OTRS system for User:Imissdisco to securely and confidentially confirm they are the real life Dan Trotta.

I respect the Canadian Film Centre. Trotta studied there. If User:Imissdisco is the real life Dan Trotta perhaps this is the passage he thinks is incorrect "The CFC only accepts a half-dozen or so students per year, and he was lucky enough to be accepted the year Denis McGrath was the instructor..."

Hmmm. Maybe Trotta objects to my writing that he "was lucky" to have Denis McGrath as his instructor, because he didn't like him, or didn't respect him. I have no problem rewriting this particular sentence.

I think the other removed material requires more of an explanation.

Highly respected wikipedia contributor DGG explained, about a decade ago, that "Who's Who" allowed the subjects of its biographies to edit their biographies, and this is why the wikipedia should not accept Who's Who as a reliable source. The wikipedia tries to stop the subject of biographical articles from editing their own biographical articles, because it is practically guaranteed to make those article's biased. Instead they are supposed to explain their concerns with anything they think they can argue is genuinely inaccurate, or genuinely unfair, and let uninvolved editors make the required changes.

Although there is no formal conflict of interest rules here, I think it would be best for User:Imissdisco to explain their specific concerns with the material they excised, and let other editors consider whether edits are in order.

If Imissdisco doesn't respond here, in a reasonable period of time, is there any reason why I shouldn't restore the excised material? Geo Swan (talk) 03:47, 25 September 2021 (UTC)


I restored the headshot. If User:Imissdisco can figure out a way to confirm they are the real life Dan Trotta, I'll remove it. So far, however, they might be a troll, a frenemy, or a stalker. Geo Swan (talk) 03:54, 25 September 2021 (UTC)