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Dan Trotta
Occupation screenwriter

Dan Trotta is a Canadian screenwriter.[1] He is an alumnus of the National Screen Institute and the prestigious Canadian Film Centre, completing the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program in 2011.[2]

Trotta taught Business Communication at London, Ontario's Fanshawe College, after he earned a BA in Creative Writing from Concordia University, while working on his own writing in his spare time.[1]

During a 2017 interview with TV Eh? Trotta described offering to volunteer at the National Screen Institute, to gain some experience with the process of writing for television of film, only to have his offer declined.[2][3] He was told they could not employ him as a volunteer, but they could pay him to help with a backlog of scripts that needed to be read, and a synopsis written. Trotta said it was staff at the NSI encouraged him to apply for a position at the Canadian Film Centre. The CFC only accepts a half-dozen or so students per year, and he was lucky enough to be accepted the year Denis McGrath was the instructor.

Trotta wrote a short film, The High Note, in 2012, and followed this up with work on the police drama Blood and Water, in 2016, and joining the writing staff of the long-running series, Murdoch Mysteries, in 2017.[4] Trotta wrote 17 of the series 32 episodes, and is credited as co-creator. He is credited as writer on 9 episodes of Murdoch Mysteries, and as a producer on 40 episodes.


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