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Patrol Specialist
iGear character
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Species Transformer


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ST06 IN09 SP03 EN08

RN09 CO08 FB09 SK06

Patrol Specialist is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Ironhide and Tote created by iGear in 2013.


Patrol Specialist is an homage to both the Transformers Autobots Ironhide and Tote. He has the same color, alt mode and a similar head sculpt to Tote. He also comes with alternate Ironhide-inspired heads.


Patrol Specialist was designed by Cassy Sark under the pseudonym Bal Dillinger.

Patrol Specialist was first revealed when his preorder went up on Big Bad Toy Store in December 2012. They estimated its release for April of 2013.[1]

Finished product pictures were posted to Weibo in April 2013.

Patrol Specialist shipped in May 2013. Reprolabels also released a set of Specialist Ironhide labels that month.


The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for January 1st, 2013 discussed the Patrol Specialist in the news.[2]

Fictional biography

A potential master of improvised sciences, he is at his best when he is up against the wall in a tight situation. Once, when he was trapped in distant wastelands on his home planet, he managed to jury rig a fuel converter that took what little energy he had left and made it last for twelve days, until he made it back to civilization. Since then, he’s had an idea in the back of his head for a massive power saving endeavor which he refers to as “the great downsizing”, which he thinks could save as much as 95% of the power output of the average RoBot.

Life is what happens when you’re making plans though, and as such he hasn’t had the time or inclination to put the appropriate time into the project. He prefers to spend the majority of his time on Patrol with other members of an off-road quartet, pretending to protect the perimeters of important RoBot outposts while just goofing off with his friends. When something does kick off, his ability to improvise a way out of a sticky situation comes in very handy, as well as when it comes to answering to superiors, and explaining just how it was his team let their guard down long enough to be attacked.

Medical Specialist has noted on several occasions that, if Patrol Specialist could focus his abilities on a project he could do pretty much anything, but as a textbook procrastinator he leaves things until the last moment, and almost needs a gun to his head before he can find motivation. Medical Specialist registered this as the first documented case of ADC/HDC (Attention Deficit Circuit, Hyperactive Disorder Current).


  • iGear PP-05W Patrol Specialist (2013)
A remold of Weapon Specialist and Medical Specialist. Turns from robot to van. Has a new head inspired by Tote, three alternate "Weapon Specialist" heads inspired by Ironhide, and a gun. Comes with instructions and collector card.
A Big Bad Toy Store exclusive limited to 500 pieces.
  • Reprolabels Specialist Ironhide (2013)
A set of labels intended to make Weapon/Patrol Specialist look more like Generation 1 Ironhide.[3]



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