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Epistemus is a Transformers character featured in various branches of that franchise.


IDW Publishing

In IDW Publishing's The Transformers comic series, Epistemus was one of the five members of the Guiding Hand, the revered founders of the Transformer race and society on Cybertron. Sadly, he and his brothers were betrayed by one of their own, Mortilus, who sought to lead them in conquest of the universe. The resulting conflict resulted in Epistemus being broken down into the brain module that would serve as the model for future Cybertronians, Epistemus having been created as the personification of knowledge.

Fun Publications

In various incarnations of the Thirteen Primes Epistemus was a member of that group with "a facile intellect, unfettered by conventional thinking." However, Vector Prime was also aware of realities in which Epistemus had passed long before the Thirteen came-a nod to his role in the IDW line-and it thus fell to Quintus Prime to guide the Thirteen in the search for knowledge. [1]