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The Dinoforce are a Decepticon subgroup featured in Transformers: Victory who could combine into Dinoking.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Dinoforce were among the Decepticons commanded by Deathsaurus, typically serving as the dumb muscle of the Decepticon forces; they notably destroyed the ship carrying an infant Jan Minakaze and his parents, leaving Jan an orphan who was found and raised by Star Saber. The Dinoforce would be employed on numerous occasions to attack various locations in Deathsaurus' bid to acquire energy, though even after forming Dinoking they were usually defeated fairly handily by whichever Autobots they happened to be facing. Though the group-particularly their leader Goryu-were devoted to Deathsaurus, their leader had less regard for his minions.

Eventually the Dinoforce were abandoned on Earth after obtaining energy from Atlantis for Deathsaurus' Fortress, but continued to gather energy in their leader's name until they were caught in Deathsaurus' attack on the planet. Realizing that they had been forsaken, Goryu instructed Jan in the means of disabling the fortress. Most of the Dinoforce were then put to work on construction projects on Earth to make up for their previous attacks, while Kokuryu took on work entertaining children.


In the manga, the Dinoforce were not left behind on Earth when Deathsaurus relocated to the fortress, and thus retained their loyalty to him; it was also revealed that their offspring were located on the fortress when they were reunited following the final battle.


The Dinoforce were recolored from the Monster Pretenders, and thus Dinoking was a recolor of Monstructor.