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Yokuryu is a Decepticon and member of the Dinoforce.


Generation 1

Animated series

As with the majority of the Dinoforce members, Yokuryu has little to no characterization in Transformers: Victory; his greatest distinguishing feature is the ability of his Pretender shell to fly.


Yokuryu only appeared alongside his fellow Dinoforce members.


A heroic version of Yokuryu was created in Transformers: Shattered Glass after Wheeljack attempted to create an army of dinosaur-themed robots only for them to rampage; while some were collected by Optimus Prime to become Dinobots, Yokuryu and seven of his comrades were recruited as the Dinocons.


  • Takara Transformers Yokuryu (1989)
A recolor of Monster Pretenders Wildfly with a Pterodactyl Pretender shell.