Blunghole, the Tapeworm of Unicron

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Scott Mort
Blinghole/Parasites Terrosite toy
Nationality American
Other names Blunghole, the Tapeworm of Unicron

Blunghole, the Tapeworm of Unicron is the internet personality of toy reviewer and podcast host Scott Mort.


Scott, also known as Honky Please, was given Galvatron, Metroplex, Trypticon and Ultra Magnus for Christmas as a child.

Origin of nickname

Scott adopted the internet psuedonym as Blunghole, the Tapeworm of Unicron from a character mentioned in a prank biography for Ramjet vs. Scythe posted for a Cybertron Mini-Con set on Big Bad Toy Store's web site.

The Case of the Deadly Tapeworm!

Ramjet and Scythe are separated from their squads during a skirmish on Moonbase 4. Falling into a great pit, they both find themselves in the hidden temple of the legendary Insecticon Blunghole, a foul monster banished from even the most depraved and loathsome of Decepticons ranks billions of years earlier.

Blunghole, legend said, had served as Unicron’s tapeworm before being accidentally transmitted via waste duct to Cybertron, where he proceeded to eat the other Insecticons before he waged war against Decepticon and Autobot alike.

Ramjet and Scythe are forced to work together as they strive to halt Blunghole’s demonic resurrection while trying to avoid being summarily consumed in the process! Both Mini-Cons are pushed to their limits as they are challenged again and again by festering cosmic horrors. Can they survive their conflict with Blunghole? And can they close the wormhole once and for all, trapping Blunghole in his hellish void?

In his Youtube reviews Blunghole is represented by a Matchbox Parasites Terrosite toy.


Scott is the series running host of the podcast Good Morning, Cybertron!.


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