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Aishwary raj Ponishare-verified.png
Born 8 August 2002 (2002-08-08) (age 21)
Nationality Indian
Occupation International Writer, Author , Content Writer
Years active 2021-present
Home town Varanasi,Uttarpradesh
Parents Virendra shankar srivastava , Mamta srivastava

Aishwary Raj hails from Varanasi - The city Of Ghats .She is an author ,compiler and writer . She started her writing career with Instagram at the time of Lockdown.

Her debut as a published co -author was back in "2020" anthology titled " The imagination " under "Spring Buddies publication". Following which she then starred in countless anthologies with a total numberings of 500+ as an co-author. And Her debut as a published author was back in “2021” solo book titled “Jazzbat Aishwary ke” and her solo books are in english language books “Lost in word” , “100 pieces of poetry”, “Wordsilophile “, “Fictional Us” , “Rhythming Recurrireaction”, “Random Thoughts”,”Rangrez”, and hindi language books “Tum, Prem aur Ankahe Khat” , “शब्द एक सफर”. She dedicate her poetry book on lgbtq community “The Colors of Love”. Her 1st novel :” Journey of US” She then played a front foot role for over 8+ anthologies as an compiler. In January 2022 she awarded by The Jagruk Champion Award by The update india..