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Vertebreak is one of two characters in the Aligned Continuity of the Transformers franchise.


The first Vertebreak was one of the Predacons featured in the Transformers: Prime toy line.


  • Vertebreak ()
A repaint of Lazerback that was later recolored into Transformers: Go! Gaidora.


The second Vertebreak was featured in the Robots in Disguise animated series, in which he has a Snake-like robot mode and a train vehicle mode.

Animated series

A Cybertronian scientist, Vertebreak was imprisoned aboard the Alchemor after his knowledge of otherworldly medical practices was applied towards barbaric methods such as illegal Cyber-grafting. On Earth, he eventually captured Sideswipe and replaced the Autobot's head with his own in a bid to use Sideswipe's attributes to take revenge on those who had imprisoned him. The Autobot's speed and strength, coupled with his Decepticon Hunter, made Vertebreak a formidable opponent for Sideswipe's teammates. However, Sideswipe's disconnected head was able to predict Vertebreak's attacks based on his movements, and was able to instruct his teammates sufficiently to take down the Decepticon scientist, whom they were able to capture and restore to his own body.