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The term Vehicon refers to a planet, a character, or group of characters in the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Animated series

Introduced in Beast Machines, the Vehicons were originally featured as armies of identical, Spark-less drones obedient to Megatron in his dictatorship over Cybertron. They were meant to embody a return to technological purity, as well as Megatron's new vision of a "pure" Cybertron ruled over by a single intelligence: his own. His drones-created from the stolen forms of Cybertronians whose Sparks had been extracted-proceeded to hunt down the few survivors of his transformation-freezing virus, and eventually ambushed Optimus Primal's crew of Maximals upon their arrival. Silverbolt and Rhinox were captured, but the other four escaped and were eventually reformatted by the Oracle. Despite vastly outnumbering their prey, the Vehicon drones proved to be no match for the creativity and cunning of their individually minded opponents.

As such, Megatron took three of his captive Sparks and reprogrammed them, placing them in larger versions of the three breeds of drones he had created to create his Vehicon generals: Tankor, Jetstorm, and Thrust.

Fun Publications

The tech spec for the character Reverse Convoy reveals that he comes from a planet called Vehicon. "Ask Vector Prime" expounded on the matter, revealing that the planet was a Cybertronian colony world previously inhabited by beings who left behind a number of cities and mechanized facilities.


  • Motorcyle Drone (2000)
A figure representing Thrust's motorcycle drones; was later recolored into Beast Wars Returns Thrust in Japan.
  • Sonic Attack Jet (2000)
A mold representing Jetstorm's Aero Drones; the mold was also used for Deluxe Jetstorm, Robots in Disguise Storm Jet and Jhiaxus, and Transformers: Universe Skywarp.
  • Tank Drone (2000)
A figure representing Tankor's drone army; was later recolored into Transformers: Universe Stockade.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Aligned Continuity

In the Aligned Continuity, Vehicons are Decepticons with virtually identical body types, turning into either a car or a jet, but possessing individual personalities and-in some cases-differing color schemes.

Animated series

Several multicolored Vehicons appear as former inmates of the Alchemor in Robots in Disguise.


  • Transformers: Prime Vehicons ()
Figure versions of the two types of Vehicon; were later recolored into new versions of the Decepticon Clones for Botcon 2014.