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Nightstrike is a Bat-like Decepticon from the Robots in Disguise animated series who was an inmate of the Alchemor.


Animated series

Nighstrike survives by draining Energon from other Cybertronians, and uses a powerful sonic scream to subdue his victims and trap them in slimy cocoons that keep them trapped in an induced nightmare. He eventually captured Bumblebee's team of Autobots along with a component of Chop Shop, but was unprepared for the Autobots' human allies Denny and Russell Clay. They managed to free Bumblebee, who freed Chop Shop's component and gained a small amount of help from him that allowed him to rescue his teammates. Once the Autobots had disabled their audio receptors, Nightstrike found himself helpless against them and was recaptured.

Nightstrike was voiced by Tom Kenny, and was not seen transforming in his sole appearance.