Major Mayhem

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Major Mayhem is a Decepticon Mini-Con.


Animated series

The Major Mayhems appear as a force of identical Mini-Cons (excepting one differently colored commander unit) under the command of Stockade, helping him to plunder human military bases for weapons after escaping captivity aboard the Alchemor. They eventually came across a cache of Cybertronian technology and weapons maintained by Windblade, and tried and failed to penetrate it; they then lay in wait for Windblade and her fellow Autobots, anticipating that they would investigate. The Autobots did so, and the Major Mayhems and Stockade soon had the Autobot forces outmaneuvered and trapped in three separate locations, threatening to seize the cache and its weaponry to improve their already formidable arsenal. However, the Major Mayhems were soon overcome by the clever thinking of Sideswipe, Jetstorm, and Slipstream and overcome by them and their reunited comrades. After an intense battle, they were defeated and reimprisoned; presumably they were later taken off planet aboard the repaired Alchemor.