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For other versions of this character or characters with the same name, see Megatron or Galvatron.

Galvatron, also known as Megatron, is the leader of the Decepticons in Transformers: Armada, Transformers: Energon, and Transformers: Cybertron, which are collectively known as the Unicron Trilogy of the Transformers franchise.


Animated series

During his first time as Megatron, he waged war with Optimus Prime and his Autobots for control of their home planet of Cybertron. A key factor in this struggle was the smaller race of Transformers known as the Mini-Cons, whom Megatron sought to control while the Autobots sought to protect them. Eventually the Mini-Cons fled the planet seeking to escape, with many of them ending up on the planet Earth. However, the Autobots and Decepticons eventually tracked them down, leading to a renewal of their battles on Earth.

When the Mini-Cons granted several Transformers additional power that caused their appearances to change, Megatron chose to rename himself Galvatron. His conflict with the Autobots continued until his lieutenant Starscream sacrificed himself to convince Galvatron of the severity of the threat of Unicron. Galvatron then formed an alliance with the Autobots, fighting alongside them until Unicron was rendered dormant. He then challenged Optimus Prime to a final duel to settle their long rivalry, but the conflict reawakened Unicron, prompting Galvatron to sacrifice himself in order to prevent Unicron from feeding on their hatred.

Years later, Galvatron had-in his own mind and those of his enemies and minions-reverted to his former identity of Megatron, and lay dormant inside Unicron's body. Alpha Q later had Scorponok extract Megatron's sword for use in their plot to gather Energon to revive Unicron, and also convinced Megatron's former minions that the Energon was intended to revive their leader. However, their plan backfired when Megatron rerouted Unicron's Energon to reformat himself into a new, more powerful body and took control of the Terrorcons. He thus resumed his conflict with the Autobots, all the while attempting to revitalize Unicron so he could use his power to conquer the universe. However, Unicron's evil began to possess Megatron, driving him to greater and greater heights of megalomania.

Following the destruction of Unicron's body, Megatron invaded Cybertron and discovered the pool of Super Energon beneath the surface. After killing Dauntless Maximus to open it, he immersed himself in the powerful energy source and became even more powerful, once against adopting the name Galvatron. Joined by the guardians Bruticus Maximus and Constructicon Maximus, he continued his campaign against the Autobots, who were joined by Superion Maximus. However, he was also forced to contend with the treachery of Sixshot, whom he eventually destroyed after growing to giant size using the Super Energon. This led to a battle between Galvatron and Optimus Prime of an epic scale, which ended when Galvatron chose to enter Primus' Super Energon sun willingly rather than allow the evil of Unicron within him to control him further.

After the Energon sun collapsed into a black hole that threatened the entire universe, Galvatron rebuilt himself using the armor of Unicron and once again became Megatron. After learning of the Omega Keys, he set out to claim their power for himself, stealing a map from Vector Prime in order to seek them out.

Megatron was later reborn with greater power and once again took the name of Galvatron.

Dreamwave Productions

Still in his Megatron incarnation, Megatron appeared in the Armada comics, where he would face a most unusual opponent: a version of Generation 1 Galvatron sent to his universe by Unicron.

3H Enterprises/Fun Publications

After creating the Star Saber, a version of Armada Megatron was abducted from his home reality during the events of Transformers: Universe, where he found himself in an unlikely alliance with Optimus Primal and Transformers: The War Within Grimlock. Unlike many other villainous Transformers, he never gave in to the Chaos Bringer's evil, and his encounter with Unicron made it unnecessary for Starscream to sacrifice himself to convince him of its evil as revealed by "Ask Vector Prime." After Megatron's supposed demise, Starscream thus became leader of the Decepticons, leading to a firmer alliance between Autobots and Decepticons that survived-at least in part-through an alternate version of the events of Energon and Cybertron. In this timeline, Megatron was eventually reformatted into Beast Megatron rather than Galvatron, and eventually destroyed by Beast Optimus Prime using Vector Prime's sword Rhisling. [1]

"Ask Vector Prime" also revealed that another alternate Megatron formed an alliance with Megazarak in an effort to crush the Autobots and Omnicons, but that after these foes were destroyed he was betrayed and destroyed. [2]


Transforms into a Cybertronian tank; could combine with Tidal Wave. A Lucky Draw version was released with black, dull gold, and green coloration
  • Armada Galvatron with Clench (2003)
A repaint of Armada Megatron in purple and white colors; was later repainted into Universe Megazarak.
  • Energon Megatron (2004)
A new mold; a Lucky Draw Galvatron version was later released in black armor with red highlights and translucent orange weapons.
  • Energon Galvatron (2005)
A repaint of Energon Megatron in blue and gray coloring; was later remolded in Shattered Glass Megatron.
  • Cybertron Megatron (2005)
A new mold; transforms into a jet and race car and can combine with the Nemesis Breaker or Leobreaker figures.
  • Legends of Cybertron Megatron (2005)
  • Cybertron Galvatron (2006)
A repaint of the original Cybertron figure; was also released in gold chrome as a Lucky Draw exclusive.
  • Legends of Cybertron Galvatron (2006)
  • Jungle Planet Megatron (2006)
A repaint of Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron.
  • Combiner Wars Armada Megatron (2015)
A remold of Combiner Wars Megatron.