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The Autotroopers are a group of identical or near-identical Autobots featured in various branches of the Transformers series, first-and most often-appearing in Transformers: Timelines.



The Autotroopers first appeared in The Stunti-Con Job as Cybertronian security forces.


  • Autotroopers (2011)
Remolds of Cybertron Ratchet.

Shattered Glass

Several evil Autobots were reformatted into Autotroopers, Checkpoint's "Patrolmen" and members of the Knights of Unicron.


An early concept for the Shattered Glass Knights of Unicron features Checkpoint and the Autotroopers from the Generations Hoist mold.[1]

Aligned Continuity

Though not identified as such, the generic police and security officers on Cybertron in Robots in Disguise are similar in concept to the Autotroopers as near identical guardians of law and order.