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Autonomous Maximus, also known as the Last Autobot, is a Transformers character featured in various branches of the series.


Generation 1

Marvel Comics

Known as the Soul of Cybertron and the Ultimate Warrior (the latter being the Decepticon term with accompanying legends of a destructive figure), the Last Autobot is a creation of Primus' intended as a precaution against Primus' own decease. In the event that Primus perished and Cybertron began to break apart, the Last Autobot would be awakened by a "Chosen One" and use his power to heal the planet. That Chosen One would prove to be Optimus Prime, though at the time his Spark inhabited the form of Hi-Q; the Last Autobot later gave them a new form, Actionmaster Optimus Prime. With Cybertron saved, he transformed into a space ship and took Optimus and the Neo Knights to Klo for a final showdown with the Decepticons, where his power to revive fallen Autobots won the day for Optimus Prime's forces.

IDW Publishing

When IDW Publishing published a conclusion to the Marvel Comics storyline, one of their steps was to feature the Decepticons taking their revenge by using an orbital weapon to kill the Last Autobot, whose head was then placed in a monument by the Autobots in gratitude for his contributions.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" later introduced the Last Autobot as Autonomous Maximus, a member of the Thirteen Primes, who forsook his name and took up a position as a solitary sentinel within Cybertron. [1] Along with other members of the Thirteen he is known to have interacted with primitive humanity in some realities, inspiring myths of the Greek gods; he and Onyx Prime were considered to be twins and inspired Apollo and Artemis, respectively.

Transformers: Timelines


A version of the Last Autobot in Transformers: Timelines created the Mini-Cons to restore a badly damaged Cybertron while he set out to find the wandering Autobots and bring them home. Unfortunately, several of his creations feared that he would reabsorb their Sparks into his own once their mission was completed, leading to a Mini-Con civil war.