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Marvel Comics character
Wolverine art
First appearance

The Incredible Hulk #181 (November 1974)
Created by

Roy Thomas, Len Wein, John Romita, Sr. and Herb Trimpe
Portrayed by

Hugh Jackman
Aliases Logan, Weapon X, Patch
Species Human mutant
Occupation Logger
Relatives John Howlett (father, deceased), Elizabeth Howlett (mother, presumed deceased) "The Old Man" (unnamed grandfather, presumed deceased) Windsong (wife, deceased)
Alter ego

James Howlett


Accelerated healing

Wolverine is a fictional character from Marvel Comics.

Fictional biography

In the late 1880's a child by the name of James Howlett was born. As a child James was a frail and sick boy. His allergies didn't allow him to go out and play much. His father had requested that a twelve year old girl be brought to their estate. That girl was named Rose and she was to be a friend and play mate to James. She read to him and looked after him. Along with the grounds keeper's son, Dog, James and Rose were the only children on the hill where the estate was. They had become close friends and played together as much as possible but Dog slowly grew away from them. Dog's father, the grounds keeper was named Thomas Logan, he was an alcoholic and abuse his son.

Over the next few years Dog started to follow in his father footsteps, becoming cruel and heartless. James was given more responsibilities by his father and grandfather. After a big fight, Dog killed James's K-9 companion which resulted in the Logans getting kicked off the Howlett estate.

In a fit of rage and anger Thomas Logan and his son entered the estate armed. They then took Rose hostage and demanded that she take them to the masters' bedroom. There the elder Logan tried to persuade James's mother, Elizabeth, to leave with them. Before they could leave John entered the room and discovered them together. In a rage of hate and dislike Thomas shot John as James walked into the room. Seeing his father shot and killed shocked him so much that it triggered his latent mutant abilities. His claws extended and continued through Thomas.

After his mother shunned him for his unusual abilities he fled the house. Rose followed to see what she could do. She found James outside the house on the ground and cold. She brought him to the barn in order to try and warm him up. Not knowing what to do Rose brought James to his grandfather house. He ended up giving them cash and told them never to come back again.

Rose took James and went to British Columbia looking for a place that they could live in peace. Rose remembered her father talking of quarries in the Northern frontiers and she figured that would be a good place for them to start looking. Making it to a quarry, they met a man named Smitty who was the foreman. That is when Rose gave James the name Logan to hide his true identity.

By the second summer there Logan was providing for both Rose and himself. He had trained himself to be a fine hunter and he also worked hard at the quarry. Smitty even gave him a new job in demolitions. Shortly after that Smitty asked Rose to marry him. The proposal upset Logan but he finally realized that Smitty did indeed love Rose. Logan then helped Smitty get money for tickets away from the quarry.

Before Smitty and Rose could leave Dog showed up. At the request of Logans grandfather he was to kill Logan and Rose for what he believed they did. In the fight that followed Rose tried to break it up but was struck by Logans claws and died. After that, not being able to live among people for what he did he left the camp and went off into the wilderness to live alone.


IDW Publishing

Wolverine was one of the Avengers sent to investigate the conflict between Latveria and Symkaria caused by the Decepticons. After entering a dome structure, the Avengers were attacked by the building's defenses and Spider-Man got kidnapped, which upset Wolverine. When the Autobots arrived, Wolverine was confused by a talkin' truck. The only recourse was to attack the talkin' truck.[1]

New Avengers/Transformers #2 by IDW Publishing

He was run over by Jazz, but that only angered him further. He was about to redouble his assault until stunned by Doctor Doom and eventually calmed down when he was given a synapse regulator.[2]

When the Decepticons attacked, Wolverine attacked Runabout, tearing into his windshield. While Luke Cage entered the dome structure to attempt to free Spider-Man, Wolverine stayed behind to hold the fort.[3]

Wolverine accompanied Jazz and Bumblebee into the structure via an orbital bounce, which made him feel as if his guts were on fire. He scented out Spider-Man and went into a rage when he saw Prowl absorbing Spidey's powers, but was stopped by the web-slinger, who had volunteered to help recharge the Autobots. Wolverine then took his place, charging up both Prowl and Ratchet (Generation 1). After they left, Wolverine remained behind and destroyed the Psycho-Prism. He then fled as the feedback began to destroy the Decepticon array. He then commented that the Avengers' ship smelled funny.[4]

Marvel Comics

As Weapon X he joined Weapon Alpha and Puck in combating the cosmic menace of Chinook.[5]

As Weapon X, he worked for the Canadian government. They sent him against the Hulk.[6]

Following Wolverine's encounter with the Hulk, Canada's Department H conscripted him to lead Alpha Flight, a team of superhuman government agents. Wolverine aided in the initial phases of the team's creation and briefly served as field leader. On their first field mission against Egghead they lost team member Saint Elmo.[7]

Once it was established that Bruce Banner's mind was in control of the Hulk's body, the Hulk was treated to a celebration in New York City where he received a presidential pardon from Ronald Reagan, the key to the city, and praise from a number of superheroes, including Wolverine.[8]

Wolverine worried about the disappearance of Colossus when Colossus was invited to take on the Champion of the Universe in a fighting contest at Madison Square Garden.[9]

He was among the heroes incapacitated by Graviton when he attempted to take over the Earth once again.[10]


Wolverine as a 250 point character for the Hero System 4th edition game


  • Transformers: Crossovers Wolverine (2008)
A new mold. Turns from Wolverine to truck. The initial version is yellow and blut in color.
  • Transformers: Crossovers Wolverine (2009)
A recolor of the Crossovers Wolverine toy in yellow and black.
  • Transformers: Crossovers Wolverine (2009)
A recolor of the Crossovers Wolverine toy in black and silver.


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