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Vivisector is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is an evil Decepticon who turns into a car was introduced in 2016.

Transformers: Generation 1

The Decepticon Vivisector is based on the black version of Tracks.


Vivisector appears in the 2016 Fun Publications story The Toxic Transformer. At a secret Decepticon lab Vivisector and Oil Slick report to Shockwave and Knockout on the progress the progress of their experiments with Toxitron, who was designed to be part of a combiner, that went wrong. He emits a highly corrosive substance, but heals from any damage almost instantly. Vivisector and Oil Slick report on Toxitron's progress, where they mention that the stasis lock implant in Toxitron has corroded, but there is a backup stasis lock implant that is still working, although it takes a breem to charge. They are not worried because Toxitron is taking orders anyways. Knock Out discovers the lab's resupply ship, which arrives every three months has just docked, and warns Vivisector and Oil Slick they should have started charging the backup stasis lock implant. Knock Out immediately recalls the resupply ship for fear Toxitron will attempt to use it as an escape ship. The escape alarm sounds. Toxitron settles accounts with those who made him.[1]


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