The Toxic Transformer

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The Toxic Transformer  
The Toxic Transformer cover
Author(s) Luke Thompson
Illustrator Dan Khanna
Country USA
Language English
Series Transformers Timelines
Subject(s) Transformers
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Fun Publications
Publication date May 20th, 2016
Media type Online PDF
Pages 14
Preceded by Life Finds a Way

The Toxic Transformer is a 2016 fiction story in the Transformers series written by Luke Thompson.[1]


On ancient Cybertron, Spin-Out and his troops, which include Outback and Powerflash, discover Toxitron, who slaughters all the troops. At a secret Decepticon lab Vivisector and Oil Slick report to Shockwave and Knockout on the progress the progress of their experiments with Toxitron, who was designed to be part of a combiner, that went wrong. He emits a highly corrosive substance, but heals from any damage almost instantly. At the site of the construction of the Ark, Red Alert oversees security as Jetfire and Brawn deliver a component for the Ark. Toxitron, who registers with an Autobot transponder thanks to the head of Spin-Out kept in his chest, and has the same cybermetric signature as Optimus Prime, crashes the front gate. Unable to kill Toxitron, the monster precedes massacre the Autobots. At the Decepticon lab Vivisector and Oil Slick report on Toxitron's progress, where they mention that the stasis lock implant in Toxitron has corroded, but there is a backup stasis lock implant that is still working, although it takes a breem to charge. They are not worried because Toxitron is taking orders anyways. Knock Out discovers the lab's resupply ship, which arrives every three months has just docked, and warns Vivisector and Oil Slick they should have started charging the backup stasis lock implant. Knock Out immediately recalls the resupply ship for fear Toxitron will attempt to use it as an escape ship. The escape alarm sounds. Toxitron, in waking stasis lock, stares at the hanger doors, and recalls "settling accounts" with those at the lab before being locked in stasis, where he has stood for a long time. Counterpunch, Fractyl and Impactor find the lab and discover Toxitron. They decide to release Toxitron and offer to let him join their quest to destroy Thunder Mayhem. Toxitron is impressed by Impactor giving him a choice and a chance to destroy something big, and accepts.


Autobots Decepticons
Spin-Out Toxitron
Outback Vivisector
Powerflash Oil Slick
Red Alert Shockwave
Brawn Knock Out
Jetfire Counterpunch
Impactor Fractyl


  • The front page illustration of this story is a parody of the film poster for The Toxic Avenger, which also inspired the title of the story.
  • The Autobot Spin-Out is based on red Diaclone version of the Sunstreaker toy. The name Spin-Out was a unused early name for Sunstreaker.
  • The Decepticon Vivisector is based on the black version of Tracks.
  • The Decepticon Oil Slick is based on the Encore green version of Generation 1 Ratchet and the Transformers Go! version of Ratchet.
  • Knockout's body and being a Micromaster is based on his Generation 1 toy, but with colors, head and a personality closer to Prime Knock Out. His name is parsed as "Knock Out" in this story.
  • In the illustrations Brawn, Jetfire, Percetor, Shockwave and Wheeljack are colored like the Marvel Comics character models. Grapple and Red Alert are in toy accurate colors.
  • Although not appearing in the story Optimus Prime, the Stunticons, Straxus, Primus, and Thunder Mayhem are mentioned.
  • Although not mentioned in the story Grapple, Mainframe, Perceptor and Wheeljack appear at the Ark facility when it is attacked by Toxitron.
  • According to the author, the title of this story was almost "The Chemicals Between Us."[2]


  1. Luke Thompson (w). "The Toxic Transformer" Transformers Timelines (May 20th, 2016), Fun Publications

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