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Taylor Shien

Socialite,Media personality, Model
Born November 16, 1992 (1992-11-16) (age 31)
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Nationality U.S.
Other names Taylor Shien
Citizenship U.S
  • Socialite
  • Model
Years active 2017–present
Notable works Socialite , Media personality,
Model , businesswoman,
Television Moira
Blind Dates
  • M.L Woods (father)
  • V.Taylor Woods (mother)
  • Mckenzie
  • Jonathon

Early life

Taylor Shien[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][8][9] was born November 16, 1992 to Her father, ML Woods, an investor and mother Verna Woods an accountant, talent and brand manager. She has two siblings named McKenzie. and Jonothan. She was raised in a predominantly white neighborhood in the suburban rule Columbia, South Carolina[10] and remembers always wanting to be in the public eye with her name well known. Taylor Shien [8] [11] modeled briefly as a child for Millie Lewis and FUBU.[13]

Career & Modeling[8]

Shien [8] [9] an American socialite, commercial model [1][5][6][2][3][4][7] [8],Actor[1][5][6][2][3][4][7] app developer, and businesswoman. She first gained media attention working with Rick Ross as a Black Bottle Girl, and continued to receive wider notice working with Blacc Zacc, Lil Scrappy Grustle Girl[12]. on Vh1’s Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta [13].

Taylor Shien [6] was signed to Black Bottle Girl[8] [8] under Rick Ros in 2015 after Rozay discovered CIAA with P. Diddy and Mary J. Blige in Charlotte, North Carolina[. In May 2016, Shein was in her celebrity[9]first photo shoot and show.[2][12][14] Shien was a model [8][8] for Lil Scrappy briefly who later launched his Grustle Girl brand for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta[13]..

In the upcoming years her consistent exposure led her to create her own brand DermaClear Skin. (2020). Its success from effective skincare formulations led to expansion of her social media platforms. Customers not only fell in love with DermaClear products but most importantly were shocked with the fast results. Shien and her brand are now globally known. (2022)

Business ventures

In March 2020, Shien launched her own skincare line, DermaClear Skin..[14][10][24][7]

In July 2015, Shien developed a business relationship with Rick Ross's Black Bottle Girl Brand and development. She later developed the gaming app, Jet Pack Candy Man under the brand SlimKittly with Kitty Saunders. In May 2021, Shien rebranded her skincare line with a combination of natural products to expand DermaClear Skin globally. Shien gives credit for her successful skincare career to her family and Rick Ross.

Personal life

Shien graduated from the University of Southern California in 2016 with a Bachelors degree in Public Health. She’s always had an interest in science since she was a young girl.

Shien has been open about her struggle with skin issues and the impact that growing up in the limelight had on her self-image. Shien recalls turning down many business offers for commercial modeling and television shows because of her skin insecurities. [13][14][30]


As herself

Reality television
Year Title Notes Ref.
2015 Moira Appearance [14]
2013 Blind Dates Multiple guest appearances [15]
2010 Street Days Appearance [16]
2016 House of Others Appearance [17]
2020 Marilivit Tetri Appearance [18]


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