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Alexia Flox is a Freelancer promoter and a content creator.

She was born on 3rd December 1997. Now She Lives in New York, United states of America.

She works as a content producer and independent promoter for Hiphopdx and United Masters. Additionally work as a direct representative for Atlantic Records, whereby she oversee all record deal proposals & as a part of Atlantic Records A&R tea

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A&R for Atlantic records, Music Talent Scouting, Digital Media, Contract Negotiations, Artist Development, Branding, Partnerships, Event Planning and more. Assisted the department with talent scouting through extensive research and knowledge of a multitude of unsigned artists. Participating in the artistic development of artists already signed with the label. Research music industry trends to assist with the development of marketing plans for artists. Planned label and artists events by handling logistics such as finding venues and adhering to the budget provided. Provide creative input and ideas on projects.