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Umair Ahmad Ponishare-verified.png
Born 16 April 1997 (1997-04-16) (age 27)
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Education BS Software Engineering
Occupation Businessman
Years active 2017
Organization The Youth Internationa, Wikiagency Ltd
Religion Muslim

Umair Ahmad (Urdu: عمیر احمد) (born 16 April 1997), is a Researcher[1], Young Entrepreneur, best known as Founder & CEO of Youth Group Limited[2]. Umair is also owner of education Institutes which are affiliated with Microsoft and Cisco Systems, Music, Broadcasting and Media Production House U-Films Production[3]. In an Interview he said that Pakistan is my homeland which is close to my heart, and i want to develop and grow it from every aspects of life[4].

Business Investment

Youth Group Limited has sponsored lot of Films, and Music Productions in Lollywood[5] Industry. Umair Ahmad has also owned a Music, Films Production House of Template:US$ investment. List of companies and groups founded by Umair Ahmad:


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