The Titans Sword (Perfect Effect)

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The Titan's Sword
The Titan's Sword
PC-13 The Titan's Sword Flyer
Created by Perfect Effect
Genre Science Fiction
In-story information
Element of stories featuring Fortress Maximus

The The Titan's Sword is a toy set made by Perfect Effect in 2016 as third-party Transformer accessories.

Perfect Effect

The The Titan's Sword is a third-party Transformer accessory made by Perfect Effect, intended for the Titans Return Fortress Maximus figure. It was released in June of 2016[1]. The set can work as a sword for Cerebros, or combine into one large sword for Fortress Maximus.

While the top half of the Blade can be combined with a smaller hilt appropriate for Cerebros, the sword itself is much to large to be functional.

The Titan's Sword is matched with PC-14, the The Titan's Cannon.



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