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Faridollah Adib Ahein (born on 7 November 1965) visual artist, collector, engineer, inventor, critic, entrepreneur, researcher, musician, The modern art painter is from Afghanistan He is a multifaceted personality She is known for her works in the school of expressionism (Abstract, exciting), postmodern and conceptual art. And in the action of his works with philosophical topics, post-concept with wide and diverse techniques Action A drop uses a spatula, a unique trowel The design of her works includes the concepts of abstractionism with the integration of multifaceted art, painting and art music (Tangible and Intangible) with the historical themes of the poem and love story, the performance of the Afghan folk song called Mollah Mamad djan can be seen in her works. The collection of works of Adib Ahein has left an indelible mark on the art scene She is widely known as one of the most influential contemporary artists of Afghanistan and as one of the successful active figures in the field of painting art and a prominent collector. that more than four decades of her artistic activity has cast a shadow on her life and other works He is known as one of the successful and prolific painters due to his diverse works In another part of her prominent works, she has mentioned mafia leaders Adib Ahein is one of Afghanistan's conceptual painters who is not caught in ideology During four decades, she collected the collection (paintings) of cultural and historical artworks of Afghanistan and has been registered in Iran.