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Everett McNair EL ( BugzyBonez Tramain ) Ponishare-verified.png

Everett McNair EL is a Moorish American entrepreneur.
Native name Everett McNair EL
Born 18 August 1976 (1976-08-18) (age 45)
Wayne County, Goldsboro NC
Nationality Moorish American
Education Studied Business Management/Small business LA College, Nevada & Psychology at the University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill
Years active 2018 - present
Known for Entrepreneur
Home town Goldsboro North Carolina, USA

Biography of Everett McNair EL

“Everett McNair EL" is an American Entrepreneur. He was born on 18 august 1976 in Wayne County, Goldsboro, USA. He owns a Music Recording Label, currently having signed four artists of different genres. Furthermore, He established an online e-commerce store & also doing business worldwide. Besides he works as an Entrepreneur, Online Seller, and Named “Everett McNair EL".

Early Life

“Everett McNair EL" is an American Entrepreneur, Record label owner, Influencer & internet personality who is mostly known as a Record label owner and entrepreneur. He was born in 1976 in the USA. In the year 2018, he started his Certified Official Fashions LLC.


Everett McNair EL is also a “Record Label Owner”. he helps artists with his Record Label industry which name is Certified Official Music (COM) Is very much helpful for Present & future music artists, actors, and models. He does Digital marketing besides Studying. For that, he is very much famous.

In an Interview, He Said, “I want to do better for people. In That Year (2018), I established my own e-commerce store, Certified Official Fashions, LLC. I want to do more & trying to give better online services. Everett McNair‘s 2nd choice is Certified Official Entertainment LLC. Now a day it is a very helpful choice for those who want to be successful Entrepreneurs. Now I am dealing with many artists for my Music Record label & also successfully running my ‘e-commerce store’ Career.

Personal Life

Everett McNair EL is a Successful an American Entrepreneur He was born on 18 august 1976 in Wayne County, Goldsboro, USA. Everett McNair EL founded his Certified Official Fashions LLC in 2018 & Certified Official Entertainment LLC in the 2020 industry. Sacrificing his valuable time for a bright future has worked in his favor. s a result, today he is signing musical talents to an independent and professional recording label with his skills. He is also working with many Hip-Hop artists and also helping them to improve their music careers. He is the founder and CEO of ‘Certified Official Fashions, LLC` & Certified Official Entertainment LLC which is basically an e-commerce online store & Music Label that partners with clients to help them take their career to next level. Everett McNair has a deep understanding of what it takes for a business to completely crush it on the social media landscape. He has worked on his business more.

Business Company Name

Certified Official Entertainment, LLC

Certified Official Fashions, LLC


Certified Offical Music NC