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BMOG Toys character
Synaxid toy render in purple
Created by

Prize Inside
Species Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt Synaxid


Augmentoids, Non-Dino Squad and Paraxxoids
Alternate mode

Robotic dimetrodon/axe

Splashpoint and Multi-Function Pterattacktyl

Synaxids are fictional characters and robot toys made by Prize Inside in 2017. They are heroic and evil robotic dimetrodons who turns into axes.


Synaxids are characters from the BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts) toy line. They are not homages to any existing characters, but meant to be used as either a stand-alone figures, or as accessories to any toy capable of using 5mm port accessories, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Zoids Blox, and many others.


The Non-Dino Squad was designed by Trent Troop. They were referred to as the Notasaurs in early development.

The names of the Non-Dino Squad members were revealed in a BMOG Kickstarter update in November 2013. Featherblight and the Non-Dino Squad were to be part of a stretch goal if the Kickstarter raised at least $31,000.[1]

The package art for Ursenal and Mant-Axe had teaser co-sells for Featherblight and the Non-Dino Squad.

A black set of the Non-Dino Squad was part of the unsuccessful Lost Protectors Kickstarter campaign. It was to be a bonus item for anyone who pledged at least $78. A glow-in-the-dark Non-Dino Squad called the Atomic Dinotrouble set was to be a $12 add-on for anyone who pledged $39 or more.[2]

The Synaxid was released on Shapeways in March 2017.


The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for October 25th, 2013 interviewed Trent Troop about BMOG, where he mentioned Ursenal, Mant-Axe, Featherblight and the Non-Dino Squad.[3]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for November 17th, 2013 interviewed Trent Troop. During the interview he mentioned Featherblight, Mant-Axe, Ursenal and the Non-Dino Squad. He also mentioned wanting to make characters inspired by the Inhumanoids and Wheeled Warriors toy lines.[4]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for December 8th, 2013 interviewed Trent Troop about BMOG, where he mentioned Ursenal, Mant-Axe, Featherblight, the Non-Dino Squad and Chainbill Splatterpus.[5]

Fictional biography

BMOG creatures were brought to life when weapons made by a group of evil interdimensional arms dealers were exposed to the power of the last world seed.

The Synaxid BMOG species resembles an Earth Dimetrodon of the Permian era, with an axe-blade sail. There are Snyaxids on both the Augmentoid and Paraxxoid sides, and while not as adaptable as some other BMOG species, they've settled in as apex predators on a number of machine worlds.


  • Prize Inside BMOG Non-Dino Squad (2017)
A new mold by Prize Inside and available in their Shapeways store in a variety of colors. Each of three members is a single piece that turn from a prehistoric reptile into a weapon.[6]
  • Prize Inside BMOG Synaxid (2017)
A new mold by Prize Inside available at their Shapeways store in a variety of colors. Synaxids have a 5mm peg on the tail and a 5mm port in the midsection so they can be used as axes or combine with other BMOG parts to form all new creations[7]



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