Sir Owain

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Sir Owain
Mythic Legions character
Sir Owain figure on card
Created by

Four Horsemen Studios
Species Human
Occupation Knight

Order of Eathyron

Sir Owain is a fictional character from the Mythic Legions series introduced in 2016. He is a heroic knight of the Order of Eathyron.

Mythic Legions


Sir Owain is a fictional character in Mythic Legions series. He is a member of the Order of Eathyron, an organization steeped in religious tradition which was formed to combat the Congregation of Necronominus.


The Sir Owain toy was funded by the Mythic Legions Action Figures Kickstarter campaign in 2015. He was available for $45 by himself or as a $33 add-on for US backers.[1]

In February 2021 Sir Owain was picked to be part of the Mythic Legions All-Stars 4 set.


Fictional biography

Sir Owain art
As a skilled warrior and master swordsmith, Sir Owain is an indispensable member of the Order of Eathyron. He is world renowned for the intricate detail that he pours into every blade that he creates, and equally revered for his prowess wielding them. Possibly more important than his skills with a sword is Sir Owain's jovial good nature. In these most dire of times, even the thinnest sliver of light can begin to fracture the darkness.


A biography for Sir Owain appeared in Mythic Legions Book 1.


  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Sir Owain (2016, 2021)
A 1:12 scale figure by Four Horsemen. His design uses many parts used on other figures in the first wave of Mythic Legions figures, including the head and torso first used by the Silver Knight. He comes with a belt, sword, shield and spear.
This figure was reissued as part of the All Stars 4 wave in 2021.
  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Sir Owain Test Shot (2016)
An unpainted version of Sir Owain in grey plastic.
Limited to 10 pieces.


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