SG Boxbomber

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SG Boxbomber
Keith's Fantasy Club character
Keith's Fanatasy Club SG Boxbomber art
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Release number

CST-03X & CTS-04X
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Robotic ape and bird

SG Boxbomber is a fictional character and third-party Transformer made by Keith's Fantasy Club in 2013.

Keith's Fantasy Club

SG Boxbomber is a third-party Tranformer homage to the Generation 1 character Squawkbox and the Shattered Glass series.

B-Box is colored blue like Generation 1 Raindance. Birdbomber is colored red like Generation 1 Grandslam. When combined they form a flipped version of the Generation 1 Autobot character Slamdance, who is red on top and blue on the bottom. This color scheme was suggested by TFW2005 member Sidecutter of Captured Prey.[1]


The Boxbomber was designed by toy designer Cassy Sark.

SG Boxbomber was first announced on the CP3P web site in June 2013.[2]

SG Boxbomber was released at the Captured Prey Third Party 2013.


The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for June 3rd, 2013 discussed SG Boxbomber and Black Hawk Down in the news.[3]

The moonbase2 podcast for June 5th, 2013 covered images of SG Boxbomber and Black Hawk Down in the news.[4]

Transistor and several of his cassette minions were featured in an article in the January 2015 issue of Chi Soul Die (模魂志) magazine.[5]

Fictional biography

SG B-Box: SG B-Box is an avid electronic music lover, and despite his large hands, has fine motor control. Spending his free time as a club DJ, he can always be found experimenting with some new electronic toy on his mixing table. A mega fan of Earth's Daft Punk, he often uses their music as filler while preparing the next set of samples for his work.

SG Birdbomber: An accomplished and respected aerial hunter, SG Birdbomber is unrivaled by any airborne beast mode 'bot in the known 'verse. Cutting through the sky alongside a pack of enemies with perfect serenity, she captures the signature of her prey and never relents until her target has been neutralized.


  • Reprolabels Heroic Decepticon Emblems (2009)
A set of Decepticon faction symbol labels in red. A Captured Prey exclusive.[6]
  • Keith's Fantasy Club CST-03X B-Box & CTS-04X Birdbomber (2013)
A recolor of the Boxbomber. SG B-Box turns from microcassette to robotic ape, while SG Birdbomber turns from microcassette to robotic bird. Each comes with two weapons and a collector card. SG B-Box and SG Birdbomber combine into SG Boxbomber.
Limited to 1000 pieces. A Captured Prey and MegaToyFan exclusive.



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