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Impossible Toys character
Quint-01 box
Created by

Impossible Toys
Release number

Species Quintesson
Occupation Judge


Tech specs

ST04 IN10 SP09 EN04

RN07 CO07 FB08 SK10

Quint-01 is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to the Quintesson aliens made by Impossible Toys in 2006.

Impossible Toys

Quint-01 is based on the 5 faced judges first seen in The Transformer: The Movie.[1]

According to his tech specs the Quint-01 in incredible intelligent, fast and skilled. He also packs impressive firepower. He is also very brave. His strength and endurance are slightly below normal.

The Alicons were created to serve the Quint Judges.


Quint-01 was on display at the TFsource table at BotCon 2006.[2]

Quint-01 was released in October 2006 through TFsource. It sold for $74.95 and came without packaging.

Preorders for the second wave of Quint-01 went up in December 2006. It sold for $45.95 and came in a custom box. [3]

The second wave of Quint-01 was released in 2007.


Quint-01 was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[4]

In January 2015 Machinema announced they had completed script writing for the Transformers: Combiner Wars series together with some behind-the-scenes photos, which showed Impossible Toys Quint-01. Quint-02 and Quint-03 in their collection.[5]

Fictional biography

The Quintesson Judge is represented by a selection of robotic faces outlying an ovoid module suspended by a propulsion column with a light-up feature. The Judge is served by a number of feeble rudimentary tendrils. Still embittered by the uprising of the once-subservient Autobots and Decepticons, the Quintesson Judge and his compatriots preside over a paradoxical courtroom drama on the planet of Quintessa. Random robots are known to crash-land on Quintessa with at least some regularity; those unfortunate robots are then apprehended by the greedy grubby Allicons and brought before the Judge for speedy trial and sentencing. (Don’t burden yourself with an elaborate defense, and don’t bother requesting a court-appointed attorney, because apparently any verdict carries the penalty of death by Sharkticon.) Quintesson Judges appear to be the primary authority figures in the Quintesson hierarchy, commanding a wide variety of other Quintesson life forms, although the Judges’ primary thrill seems to be the guilty or innocent routine.


Quint-1 has been called a must for Transformers Generation 1 collectors.[6]


  • Impossible Toys Quint-01 Judge (2006)
An original third-party Transformer mold created by Impossible Toys.



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