Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 1

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Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 1 is an episode of Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric described on the Renegade Rhetoric Facebook page.


Source Text

The following was posted on Facebook on January 18, 2016. [1]

Dear Cy-Kill, What was the next scheme that Braxis got up to, after the whole Shock & Awe incident?

Cy-Kill: Quite an ambitious one, as it turns out. It all started when three of my Renegades, Twin Spin, Pincher, and Blades, were attacking a UNECOM research outpost on Mercury. The two Guardians tasked with defending it, Guide Star and Path Finder, quickly found themselves overwhelmed. My plan to grab the UNECOM decryption key was working perfectly... until Braxis showed up! Flying a ship of his own design, he used a Destabilizer Cannon to drive off my sortie. Then he told the Guardians present that he wished to turn himself in, so that he might face justice for his crimes.

When he arrived at UNECOM headquarters, he caused quite a consternation. Matt and Turbo wanted to throw the book at him, lock him in a dark cell and throw away the key. But Leader-1 and Newcastle weren't so sure. His actions on Mercury showed how useful he could be, and UNECOM needed all the help it could get to keep up with Renegade science. They took him at his word and granted him a parole, to assist UNECOM with all of their scientific endeavors. Several Guardians dissented, of course. Turbo was the most vocal, saying that they knew how rotten the man was and that they were "nuts" to trust him.

Scales on Challenge of the GoBots"

Braxis soon had an opportunity to prove his use. Braxis' upgrade to UNECOM sensors detected Astro-Beam activity near their base in Rio de Janeiro. When Crasher, Cop-Tur, and I showed up to make a second run at the decryption circuit, this time with both Scales and Dactyl to back us up, we thought we'd be in for a cakewalk. We were shocked when Leader-1 met us in force. In addition to his usual entourage of Small Foot and Turbo, he was joined by Heat Seeker, Vanguard, Sky Fly, and Bullet. Not only were we outnumbered, but the Destabilizer Cannons Braxis had armed them with seemed to quickly overwhelm our defenses. We retreated, loudly and theatrically cursing Guardian prescience.

By now, all of the Guardians and UNECOM had come to trust Braxis. His Destabilizer Cannon was made a standard upgrade all Guardians... with the exception of the skeptical Turbo. Frustrated with his peers, he took a walk to blow off some steam... and observed Braxis surreptitiously slipping into a hanger. He converted to his car form and silently rolled to the door, to listen in on Braxis. There he overheard Braxis having a conversation with an A-10 Thunderbolt II... none other than Bad Boy himself! You see, Braxis had been in contact with us and set the whole thing up, getting the Guardians to trust him. Horrified, Turbo returned to Leader-1 and informed him of what had transpired, only to be met with a glassy stare. The Destabilizer Cannon had an extra component, one that bound the Guardians directly to Braxis' will!




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