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GoBots character
Scales in box
Created by

Species GoBot
Occupation Enemy Monster Race Car


Renegade GoBots
Alternate mode

Race car

Scales is a Renegade GoBots monster-similar to Zod-from the Challenge of the GoBots franchise.


In appearance, Scales was much larger than an ordinary GoBot but was smaller than the likes of Zod. His lower body resembled the lower portion of a sports car and he moved on four wheels across the landscape. The upper body consisted of a reptilian style head and two stretched arms.

The Renegade did not demonstrate much intelligence and simply communicated in monstrous roars. However, he was shown to respond to attacks such as dodging an energy blast from Turbo by moving into his vehicle mode quickly.

The following was printing on the Ask Vector Prime Facebook page on October 18th, 2016, when Cy-Kill was hosting.[1]

Dear Renegade Rhetoric, Can you tell us anything about Scales, Block Head, Fly Trap, or BuggyMan?


Scales is certainly the odd man out among the GoBots listed. He was an early product of my research into Zod duplication. A prototype, if you will. He's not as powerful as a Zod, but does possess the ability to convert to a F1 race car. This gives him a bit of speed and subterfuge that a fifty-foot-long metal dragon is simply incapable of. He's also SLIGHTLY more intelligent than a Zod--a low bar, to be sure. Oh, don't get me wrong, he's still a savage creature, but he understand forty or fifty short phrases, as opposed to the half-dozen commands the average Zod can process.


Scales was named number 20 on the list of "20 GoBots That Remind Us Why the GoBots Sucked So Incredibly Hard" by Rob Bricken on in 2013.[2]

Fictional biography

Scales, the Enemy Monster Race Car, appears to be just an ordinary race car, but as you send him on a speeding rampage -- Beware! Without warning, Scales pops out, revealing his mighty jaws -- powerful enough to seal the fate of any unsuspecting friendly GoBot!

Animated series

Scales on Challenge of the GoBots

Dr. Braxis had constructed a dimensional transporter called the Interfacer but he lacked one component to make it operational namely an Oscillation Rod. To acquire it, Cy-Kill dispatched Crasher, Cop-Tur and Scales to attack a human installation on Earth where the Guardians were creating one. The Renegades used a drop pod to bring about a covert deployment on Earth near the target site where Cop-Tur commented that they needed to hurry as Scales was getting hungry. He later participated on the attack on the facility where only Scooter and Turbo were present. Scales pursued the Guardians where he managed to dodge one of Turbo's energy blasts though Turbo later shot at a steel beam overhead that crashed on top of the Renegade thus defeating him. This allowed him to be captured though Crasher and Cop-Tur had succeeded in getting the Oscillation Rod. Crasher later commented that the Rod had better been worth the effort after they had lost Scales to the Guardians.

He was later among the ranks of the Renegades where he was with Cy-Kill when he had developed a weapon shrank his n the Guardians and made a threat ay on Earth forcing Leader-1 into action. However, this proved to be a trap in order to capture Turbo with Scales deployed alongside Crasher, Cop-Tur and Pincher to ambush the Guardian who was take hostage.


Fun Publications


In the story Cultural Appropriation by Fun Publications it was revealed that large numbers of Guardian and Renegade weapons, including Scales, remain on Level 1 while the various GoBot and Rock Lord teams explore other Levels.


Scales appeared the Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episode 33 story "Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 1" by Fun Publications.


  • Tonka GoBots Scales (1985)
A new mold by Tonka.


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