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Native name داور محمود
Born Dawar Mahmood
23 December 2001 (2001-12-23) (age 20)
Lahore, Pakistan
Occupation Rapper, Lyricist, Record producer Creative director Musical artist YouTuber
Years active 2016–present

Dawar Mahmood better known as Mr Dawar is an independent Pakistani rapper from Lahore, Pakistan. Most of the lyrics are society-based and on social issues which he uses in his music to wake up the public from dream neglect. That's why he became notable through social media platforms, his maximum songs are in pure Urdu language. He uses daily routine words/slang which connects the local listeners with his music and most of the time his music gives motivation to listeners.

Career & Life Style

Mr Dawar was born on December 23, 2001, in Lahore, Pakistan. From the start, he developed a beautiful connection between himself and deep and meaningful poetry / Gazal. He was 13 when he wrote his first Gazal and performed it for a school function. It was his first interaction with the audience and from there the boy decided to choose another way as well, to convey the messages behind his poetry. Because it belonged to the Lahore slum called Garhi Shahu which is now properly developed. But at that time, it was very difficult to choose a hobby/passion that would catch the attention of growing children except for studying. But he shares his ideas with his parents and also shows them some of his work. They thought it was just his idea of ​​a temporary state of mind, so they didn't take him seriously and let him, but advised him to always put his education first. begins to take an interest in Hip-hop music and writes his first song using his poetic skills and begins to continue studying online music-making, mixing, production, etc. At 15, he learned almost everything about musical development (vocal processing, music production, etc.) In 2020, Mr Dawar released an album named Asrar-e-Fikar(Secrets of thoughts). In this album, he proves how poetic rap can be done in a poetic way, using his poetry skills and self-learned music skills. His album is officially available on all digital music platforms.

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