Mohammed Yousef Abu Hassan

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Mohammed Yousef Abu Hassan Verified.png
Native name Mohammed Yousef Abu Hassan
Born Mohammed Yousef Abu Hassan
24 January 2001
Gaza , Palestine
Nationality Palestinian
Education Information and Communication Technology
Occupation Programmer
Years active 2001 to present
Known for Programmer
Religion Muslim

Early life

Mohammed Yousef Abu Hassan Verified.png (born on January 24, 2001 in the Gaza Strip, Palestine) is a programmer, writer and technical editor in several websites and worked as an electronic media in some institutions. He has technical articles published on (Arab News) and the (llanhelper) application, and he is also interested in technology and has worked in the management of social media platforms and design. He received a certificate from Google in the field of digital marketing SEO in 2021 and still continues his various hobbies in life


Graduated From Al-Aqsa University, Majoring in Information and Communication Technology

Graduated From Gaza Training Center, Majoring in Flutter Mobile App. Development And Freelancing

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