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MasterShooter Collectibles Blind Bag robots

MasterShooter Blind Bags were released in 2018 by MasterShooter Collectibles at TFcon.

MasterShooter Collectibles

The MasterShooter Blind Bags were intially sold at TFcon Chicago 2018 for $7 each and were later placed for sale on line.


  • Backup Generic Deceptive Construct (Purple Bag, Armada)
This guy is a backup for a backup. Not the most desirable weapon, so he's only used as a last resort. His big purple barrel is swollen with anticipation of the next battle, that he probably won't ever see. He never gets to fight with the Deceptive Constructs, only to hang out with them at the base as friends.
  • Barrel Warp (Light Yellow Bag, Skywarp)
Bullet Warp can teleport his bullets from the tip of his barrel to the face of his target, instantly. They never see the shot coming. They just feel it when it splats in their face. Unfortunately, the bullet loses all momentum when he does this, so it just makes a mess without causing any harm. Unless it gets in their eyes.
  • Big Red (Red Bag)
Big Red is a large bot that isn't actually red. He gets so hot from the repeated trigger pulls, his metal glows red. His roommates have trouble sleeping because he's so loud with his constant shooting at night. He sounds like a hydraulic press and glows so bright, it's like daytime in the room.
  • Bouquet (Dark Yellow Bag, Sunstreaker)
As conceited as a streak of sun, this bot painted himself like a nice bouquet of flowers. He's bright on the outside, but not in his head. He's an easy target due to his flamboyant colors. He thinks it's worth the risk though because of how fabulous he looks. All the fem-bots are jealous.
  • Chaser (Limited to 10 pieces, one in each color bag)
Most stealthy of all the MasterShooters. He's very hard to find and if you have found him, congratulations. He's very embarrassed for being found. Look at how red his face is.
  • Crop Duster (Light Blue Bag, Wreck-Gar)
Left on the planet of junk, this bot had to constantly use the junk around him to survive. Faded colors and dirt are his norm. His bad BO makes him unpopular though. Leaving a trail of stench everywhere he goes, he makes the whole room smell. Giving the impression there's a lot of stinky bots, but it's just him.
  • Generic Deceptive Construct (Light Green Bag, Sweep)
These guys fill in for the Leader Destruction Squad when they are otherwise hard to find. Sometimes their missions keep them busy for weeks at a time, so these guys make up the B-team. The Deceptive Constructs keep them in the nightstand drawer until they are needed to fill the void. Constantly avoiding Big Red.
  • Ice Fields (Dark Green Bag)
Ice is as cool as the antarctic. As such, he rarely gets angry. The lack of action has caused him to turn blue, which fits his personality. His friends worry that his pent up frustrations will cause serious health issues. They constantly temp him to try to get him to take out his frustrations, but to no avail.
  • Incredible Mech (Orange Bag)
The Incredible Mech is known to have a temper. When he gets angry, he gets trigger happy. He also gets greener. The darker his green color gets, the more powerful his shot. When he reaches darkest green, he smashes everything in sight with repeated machine gun fire.
  • Scorpion Sting (Pink Bag, Scorponok)
Made from the leftover parts of the green and purple trans-techtor, he packs quite the punch. Having once been it's head, he is now made from it's tail. Seeking revenge on the Fortress is his greatest goal and causes him to withhold nothing from his partner. Advancing the destruction gets him closer to his goal.
  • Thunder Bullet (Dark Blue Bag, Thundercracker)
Thunder Bullet cracks off so loud, everyone can hear it for a 5 mile radius. Some say it's because of his diet that is high on cyber-tacos and metalo-beans. He can't help it though. His barrel smokes after every shot, and he can't help but get the robo-munchies afterwords. Only the Cyber-taco Bell is open that late, so that's what he eats.



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